Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Its our 2nd !!!

The first of anything is always special..but the 2nd is even more special..The first year took a while, but the 2nd, went in a jiffy.As much as I soaked in the feelings of being togther,it all went by way too fast.Time flies is more than a cliche!

I prefer romance, you prefer action
I love scenery, you cant get a hang of it
I can go on and on about the differences..but there have been numerous times when I say something and you nod your head saying you were just thinking of the same.8 years of knowing you, nothing has changed one bit.You still walk over things that are lying on the floor,you leave your clothes piling up.But you always like to lsiten to me, my needs and wants,you love growing in our relationship.You are so perfect for me.Its only with you I can be myself.Its only with you, I can call names about anyone , even you and yet be so normal.

Many a times, I choose the channel on TV that we will watch, I choose the house we live in,I might not give you the tv remote all the time,I might undercook the veggies, I might shoot up the telephone bills..but

I know my heart will always feel
one love real
that love of yours
the one that only soars
Weeks and years will roll by
love will be the same between you and I

Happy anniversary dahling

Friday, January 15, 2010


She hearing the sound of a vacuum cleaner, wakes up.

SHE:Hey, what are you doing so early in the morning?

HE: I am vacuumming

SHE: Why? and that too at this hour?

HE: I didnt get much sleep, plus thought I would help you clean the home.

SHE:Wow...wait..I smell coffee ..So this is why you are cleaning up.You spilled the coffee and thought of cleaning it all before I wake up. sorry

SHE:Thats ok honey,shampoo the carpet before cleaning and dont forget to vacuum the bedrooms too.I gotta go shopping

HE: ^^%%$$##@@(????

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In which I ignored TH

TH hates anything thats organised..
paper work- clutter clutter everywhere
coats- not in hanger
plates-dont even get to the kitchen sink
and the list goes on.
Just as we were walking tinto the gym,I turned to wave at TH to tell him I am off into the womens' changing room when I noticed he was wearing the most wrinkled, straight from the dryer pant with a contrasting t shirt and finally a leather jacket-you get the scene right?
I walked front, he walked behind,I pretended I did not know him at all!