Friday, June 25, 2010

Drama queen

Friend to me : What, you and TH share the same birthday?
Me: yes ( evil grin at evoking a total unbelievable look)

Cousin to me: Can that even happen? you and TH being born on the same day?
Me: Yes, it does. ( double evil grin at the cousin's surprise look)

Writing it on my blog- priceless
* walks away humming happy bday to us, happy bday to us

Sunday, June 20, 2010


achieved!An unplanned call to TH asking if I can drive the car to the local grocery store.He immediately says Yes..I insist -think well before you give the nod.He says nono, am sure, go ahead.I say again- new car, an inexperienced driver, are you really fine with me driving?All he says is be cool.
And thus, I ventured all alone in the new car to the local grocery store.Reaching home in an hour, I left an email to TH saying" reached home safe with the car".