Friday, April 27, 2007

When everything is gloomy

When every one goes away from you...

When no one comes near you....

When everybody ignores you...

Always remember that...

Its time for you to have a bath!

What went Wrong?

Did i do anything wrong?

Why are you avoiding me?

Remember me atleast once a week..It hurts me so much..

With Love
Your tooth brush

Asking Out

We have known each other for a quite while now.Do you think we can be more than friends...because I like you very much.Will you be my partner?.......To rob a bank.

The Proposal

He enquired everything about her.Good family...good character...good job...fine personality..."Can you brother",he asked.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things which are, but are not...

It was just yesterday that I posted my little little pleasures..But that sounded too perfect isnt it? Well, things dont happen that ways in real here are a few things that I get so excited about but which finally goes PHEWWW..Read on..

1. When I shop for a top and is so happy about it -only to come home and find that it doesnt fit me all that well and perfect

2.When I think of cooking a specific dish with orey imaginations of how my amma makes the same dish- only to see it coming out miserably

3.When I decide what dress I need to wear and what hairdo I shud be in, the previous day itself- only to get up the next day morning with a bad hair.

4.Arguing so much with SID - only to eat my own words later and keep asking sorries.

5.Getting a facial done and coming all excited to office wanting to be complemented- only to be asked by people "why are your eyes so tired?" Why do you look so dull?

6.Eagerly waiting for the weekend to chat with SID- only to find my internet not connecting.But thankfully, this happens rarely

7.Buying chikoos and slurping at the very thought of eating them- only to find them all not as good as they were when I bought them. Somehow, they become too soggy by the time I reach home. I must say I am bad at picking fruits and vegetables

8.Wanting to sleep long and get up real late after the noon- only to find my servant maid ringing my door bell early at 6 in the morning.

9.Getting some real good ideas on what to blog in the night- only to forget them totally the next morning

10. Posting a blog thinking to be the best of my works ever- only to find "0" comments to that post

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Little Little Pleasures

Jotting down all that is pleasurable to me, that brings happiness to me..

.Talking to chinnu, playing with chinnu

.Waiting for the weekend to talk to SID

.Having an ice cream

. Dairy Milk any time of the day

.Opening my inbox and finding SID's mail there. I have been so crazy abt this one a few years ago..used to get up early in the mornings( real odd times) just to start my day with his mails

.Wash the face and not dry it with a towel..oh i just love the chillness

.Ammas samayal

.Whenever I am appreciated



.Whenever I buy a new ear ring

.The last day of the month wen I get my salary credited

.Whenever I pray, am totally at peace with myself..and that itself brings so much happiness
.Train journeys

.Everytime I eat Paneer


.Chit chatting with my grandma

.Gossiping with family members

.Shopping- I can go about shopping for hours n hours.

Going home to Kerala

.Flowers- oh ya i like them when they are NOT plucked

.Being alone- its really nice at times when u get to be all alone

.My Pune life-2 years

.Naming all my soft toys- I have quite a big collection

Everytime I am pampered

Guess this is it for now..Well, I have tagged a few people..lets see when they come up with theirs..Sudha, Rama and Manoj..make it soon

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Bachchans...

I thought theres no better time than to write abt this if not now..esp wen the Abhiwarya wedding is happening now..I have always wondered how much money the Bachchans wud have amassed ( though its all the result of hardwork.I am not a great fan of the Bachchans..both the BIG and the junior B. Being celebrities, they cud do so much for the public, society. I have always felt that the Bachchans are always in the spotlight for awards, honours and recognitions.
Unlike the southern side, where actors like chiranjeevi who stands for the cause of donating blood, and kamala hasan who is for donating various organs, rajnikanth for various social acitivities..i dont find the Bachchans involved in any..somehow, these ppl dont appeal to me as the First Family of Bollywood..May be its time we think of transferring this title to someone else..

for chinnu

Today is my chinnus 3rd b'day.May god bless my darling baby with all that she wants.chinnu kutti..shubha chithioda uyir da nee. happy b'day molu

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grandparents are GOD sent

I have always envied those who have both their grandparents cos I havent seen either of my thatha.-neither paternal nor maternal.Is it possible that u miss someone u havent seen at all, but only heard of? Atleast I fall into this category of missin my paternal grandfather whom I havent seen in my life. I do treasure some of the things like a box, some currency notes that he has used which I have duly inherited from my grandma.I dint let my grand ma use it..and I refuse to give it to anyone else too. Watever happens, I wud never spend those currency notes.I have grown up listening to all kinds of stories abt my grandfather and they have all left me inspiring. I never wonder if paati used to feel bad cos I end up talking only abt thatha all the time.And over a period of years, I have started admiring him for what he was. He was a simple school teacher.

My first prayer/ wish/ request always goes to him..and he always grants watever I ask for and wish for.My mom always tells me " thatha mattum irunthuruntha nee ippdi irukkavey matta.innum nanna irunthuruppa".I wish he was with me..ya naan innum nanna irunthu iruppen.

Thatha i miss uuuu

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

happiest moment(s)

i wudnt want to restrict myself to just one ..may be a couple of them
i have been the most happiest wen
sid came into my life
my niece maithri- my sisters daughter - ( i call her chinnu) was born.i happily gave away chocolates to everyone near my house. was glued on to the comp to see her snaps. she is born in the US.
and ya the eagerly awaited day of my life jan 20th 2008

i am glad and rather overwhelmed with watever i have in life. i feel so blessed. i have nothin to complaint abt or regret for.I AM JUST LIVING THE MOMENT, not just now, but everyday

missing it all

i am home away from home..ya..kerala is anytime my first home and chennai isnt bad either! how much i have cribbed and fought with appa wen we moved to trivandrum from chennai..chennai was full of flats and tvm dint know the concept of flats. all thatha paatis in tvm.i dint have a neighbour of my age with whom i could play.i cried cos i dint get the north indian style of samosa there in tvm. funny isnt it?
and to add to my woes, one day wen amma wanted me to buy somethin from a nearby shop, i happily wore a shorts n t shirt only to come back with a sullen face..all passersby ont he road uncluding autowalas, had gracefully commented ..and it was then i knew that girls wear only girlie dresses in kerala and not like chennai..oh how much i hated tvm abt 8 yrs ago.

do i feel the same now? defntly not..i miss my home,the plants n greenery there, ambalams..,aapam stew, kadala curry,pazham pori , all the kovil utsavams..walk in the musuem, beaches and more than everything speaking, hearing, living , breathing malayalam. i miss kerala..miss my tvm.wish i cud go stay there for a while..ya may be soon