Thursday, April 23, 2009

Principles are out in the air...

Each one has some principles.They stand by it, no matter what.TH is one solid example.But I wonder about how some of my principles vanish into thin air when comfort takes the priority.

Principle:Switch off the tv when not in use
Comort:My favourite programme will be telecasted in a few minuts, let the tv be on.Afterall, its good to have a feeling of someone talking to me.

Principle:Keep yourself fit,spend a few minutes on working out.
Comfort:What workout, I am tired.Its raining anyway.Will do it tomorrow.

Principle:Save energy.Cook once in the morning and once in the noon.
Comfort: Who will eat the food made in morning/ noon.Let me make something fresh for dinner.

Principle:Use old clothes to clean
Comfort:clothes have to be washed, use paper towels

Sigh! What do I say?I got to change.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ma would be up early in the morning.She would bathe, light the lamp, chant the slokas.But today, it will be a little more than the usual.She would pray more,kneel down a little longer.By then, Pa would be up,take a look at the "kani" after the usual morning ablutions,would wake me up , walk me to the pooja room for me to look at the "kani".I would sleepily look at the kani, then make up my mind to take bath.The new clothes and the vishu kaineetam are so tempting you know.Then the world's best breakfast of Idli, sambar, vadai.Droolicious.After that yummy breakfast,I would rush to paati for the vishu kaineetam.Then to ma, pa.Then to a couple of known people's nearby for the moola.By late evening, all the cousins would get into discussion on who got the maximum kaineetam.Oh such fun.

But, I know ma and paati would sit in the verandah, will think of me and my sister.Ma would close her eyes for a moment and remember how little we were and how soon we grew up, and flew out of the nest.She would think of us, longing and yearning to be with us.But ma,I would like to tell you that I am doing the same now..standing by my balcony, thinking about you, pa, paati, our home,what you might have cooked, who all might have visited our home today,the temple right opposite .

For, no Vishu is ever complete without a thought about the loved ones in our life.
Happy Vishu.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is in the air

There is something really special about a warm spring morning, the morning sun streaming in thorugh the windows.I just get up, stretch myself, walk to the windows and start singing hai mera dil .I just walk around the house humming, all smiles, being all lovey-dovey to the husband.I also blow some flying kisses to him which sees him jumping out of the bed to catch them.

Today,a beautiful day of spring
and that itself makes me sing

The sun making its way
I want to put on some music and sway

Such freshness in the air
oh how I love this spring affair

It is going to be a bright day
and I want the spring to stay. 

Everything is so bright
and that brings much delight

The winter did go
to mother nature I bow