Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is in the air

There is something really special about a warm spring morning, the morning sun streaming in thorugh the windows.I just get up, stretch myself, walk to the windows and start singing hai mera dil .I just walk around the house humming, all smiles, being all lovey-dovey to the husband.I also blow some flying kisses to him which sees him jumping out of the bed to catch them.

Today,a beautiful day of spring
and that itself makes me sing

The sun making its way
I want to put on some music and sway

Such freshness in the air
oh how I love this spring affair

It is going to be a bright day
and I want the spring to stay. 

Everything is so bright
and that brings much delight

The winter did go
to mother nature I bow


Sanjay said...

You sure have a way with the words.Spring does bring happiness right?Enjoy.

clueless said...

We are rotting in the deadly sun here and you are enjoying spring. Anyway, enjoy wjile it lasts.

clueless said...

Btw, just noticed the song.Orey the romantic pola?

Rohan Chawla said...

This is so joyful,
A poem so beautiful;
Spring has come again,
But soon it will go and then it will rain.

Lol. Happy. :D

ss said...

Thanks and you enjoy the spring and the summer ahead.


Oh ya I know how it is in summer. But summer has its own charm right?I miss the Chennai heat..

ahh a rhyme in return? I liked it.

pooja said...

You are so good at these short rhyming poems. Beautiful.Makes me want to experience spring. For now, you enjoy it.

aZoed said...

lucky you... the mercury's already touching 45 in here.. and the sun's ready to burn everything down :(

all mushy haan.... nice short poem :)

ss said...

thanks pooja.i too love riting these short poems.

i thot u r in shimla..isnt shimla always cold? correct me if am rong