Friday, April 25, 2008


Imaginary He- She( IHS) series

SHE: Hi, enna innikku officela irunthu seekirama vanthuttiya?

HE: Ya.weekend mood.Amaam, nee enga poittu vara?

SHE: I went to see my friend "G"

HE:Seri va, namma tiffin saapadalam.

SHE: What? so you cooked?

HE: Ya, I made rava upma.

SHE: How sweet of you,officela irunthu seekirama vanthu tiffinum panni vechurukka.

HE: Illa, nee eppothum rava upmava kindi koozh mathiri seyyara, athaan innikku naan correcta pannalameynu senjurukken.

SHE: ##@@@$$$$?????

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food Cravings

First few weeks in US -
when you are just settling down and friends give you what they cook-anything in the name of food is good. Friends are god sent.

Next few weeks -
self cooking- Wow, I cook well and the food is yum.

The weeks thereafter -
same rice sambar and vetha kuzhambu, lets try out different cusines..Mexican, Italian..etc.Taco bell is heaven.

After some tryst with multi cusine eat outs -
Oh, nothing like Indian food. Let me hit the Indian restaurant here.

After lot of naans, chaat items, panneer butter masala, gobi manchurian at the local Indian Restaurant -
homely saappadu is what I am craving for.

After some mental picturisation of home made dosai, idli, pongal -
call up mom / MIL and ask them when are they coming here?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This day, That year

From mere infactuation to committment,
From just like that to "let me do this regularly",

this blog is on for one year. Yes, its a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Husband in the kitchen

Purpose: To make Vada

An assessment....

  • Chopped onions, chillies and curry leaves strewn on the floor
  • Kitchen messed up to a great extent
  • Maximum dirt on the outside of the mixerjar
  • As many spoons/ forks used and scattered
  • Sink with an uphill of vessels to be washed
  • Onion peels flying in the air

Satisfaction : Highly staisfied for not needing to enter the kitchen to make something. Had some relaxing time watching tv and browsing the net.

Conclusion: Totally worth it and absolutely Y.U.M.M.Y. vadas.

Count of vadas: More than 8.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Apart from all the book knowledge, interns and what the professors impart, what does an MBA offer you? I mean what are the takeaways from the MBA course one pursues?

1.You are not an MBA until and unless you use the jargons like strategy,planning, marketing for every question you are asked.

2.You worship internet and especially GOOGLE.

3.Giving treats and attending various parties become the order of the day..oopps night!Mind you, the whole class asks for a party simply because you wore a new shirt that day.

4.Like begets like. So the Tamil clang clings to tamil, mallu gang clings to mallu and so on.And all they wait for is a move release of their language.

5.It is most likely that when you pass out of college, you not only pass with a job, but with a girl friend/ boy friend.

6.The campus will be like a mini India where people from all states study and in all probabilities you pick up some Hindi.But it doesnt end there. You neither speak proper hindi, nor proper english. You need to use ki / abbey for every sentence you speak. For eg, " abbey what I am telling you ki, lets do it now itself".

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Man proposes & God disposes

Everyday was a good day, but no longer.I had always hated this.I would do anything just to skip this.Everytime when I was asked to do it, I have mostly managed to evade the job given to me and when I have done it, I have done it half heartedly.

I thought I can always get away with it. But man proposes and GOD disposes.Ya, I cut onions almost E.V.E.R.Y. single day and all by myself. Bah!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Traffic rules -here & there

I am in awe with the traffic rules here and more so with the way people obey it.But I dont even remember seeing or reading a traffic rules book in India.Now you know how the traffic rules in India must be.A few days back, one of my friend left a comment in my blog about the traffic in USA and in India. So, I try and compare them here.

Here, there are traffic rules which are religiosly followed, and back in India, people try and reverse engineer the traffic rules.

You follow lanes to the core.But in India, you drive anywhere on the road.Some prefer to keep left, while some dont even bother about the white line in the middle of the road.

I havent heard honking sound here.In India, you blare your horn like mad especially when you are stuck in a traffic jam and you cant even move a bit.

Your car meets with even the smallest of an accident, you call the cop.But back in India, its nothing but customary to exchange some bad words if you hit a motorist or another car.

Cows, dogs, cats and sometimes pigs have their way on the road in India.Roads are strictly meant for vehicles only in USA.

Seatbelts are mandatory here .What?We Indians are brave, we can show how brave we are, come see us driving two wheelers without helmets and cars without fastening the seat belts

Some of the best aasanas in yoga are performed by people while they try and cross the gates closed for railway crossing. Its a treat to watch in India.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sometimes after a fight

Wife: I am sorry
Husband: Sorry ellam ethukku?
Wife:I am saying sorry no, accept it.
Husband: Namakkulla ennada sorry?
W:Just say I am forgiven.Please.
H:Ok,you are forgiven.
W:No, you didnt mean that.
H:Ennada sollra? How do you know that?
W: I will know it.
H:I cant take this anymore, please da, dont make me beg.
W: Oh ya, I only make you beg all the time no?
H: Naan appdi solla varala da.
W:Ok, what I said was stupid and silly, now just leave it.
H:Dei, ennada ithu, oru vishayatha pottu ippdi pannara?
W:Enna panren?
H: Freeya viden da.Athaan sorry solli oknnum solliaachey?
W: So? Does that mean I shud shut up?