Saturday, December 29, 2007

I miss you...

You have grown with me over the years now...
You were always bright and wavy...
I felt proud of you...
I felt on top when everyone told me how long you were...
I had to let you go yesterday...
I do feel sad to have parted with you...
I miss your wavy presence...
I will try to have some patience to have you grow again and have you with me as before...

I truly miss quite a long hair that was cut yesterday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I longed for this

Wake up late,especially after the water supply is stopped.
Take a luxurious bath and finish off the stored water.
Complain about the non availability of hot water for the bath.
Leave wet clothes lying in the bathroom hanger.
Complain about the lousy tv programmes when she is watching
Keep avoiding to do the household chore and just when confronted by amma, tell her that you were just about to do it.
Act crazily hungry even as the food is being served on the table.
Make comments like uppu illa, pulippu jaasthi on the food served.
Cling to the mobile phone with endless conversations and glued to the laptop for hours together.

The best part of being at home after a long time! and life is not complete without hearing amma's scoldings or screams.How I have longed for it!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Money, Mastercard and helping your wife

There are some things that money cant buy, for everything else there is MASTERCARD.
Happen to glance through an ad in the newspaper which apparently said that
"if you have money and ofcourse, Mastercard, you can afford to help your wife less".
All you need to do is spend on Swiss chocolates, designer watches and some trendy and sleek portable MP3 player for your wife and ultimately you could do without helping your wife for a while, hmm lets say a month?

Wow, I say... and the cost of not needing to help your wife comes to Eighteen Thousand rupees only.

SID I dont mind to have these as our wedding gift from you.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gone are the days, but not the memories

Schools reopening in June and we settling down in the desks
The excitement of meeting new admissions
The thrill of waiting to see the class teacher enter the room
Lining up for the morning assembly
Hurriedly copying the previous day's homework from a dear friend
Desperately waiting for a break
Chasing one another in the corridor
Lunch in the classroom, corridor,and many a times in between the classes
Rushing out of the classroom in the evening to catch the window seat in the van or the bus
Gang fights, groupism , conspiracies
Sports day, annual day celebrations and the month long preparations for the same
Exams, tension, combined study, last minute important questions check
The holidays that follow after the stressful exams
Wishing for two sundays in a week and hating Mondays

Hmmm, so much of fun and experience. Gone are the days, but not the memories.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why we did not have pets at home

Me: Appa, yean pa namma aathula nai valakkavey illa?
Appa: Athaan, neeyum unga akkavum irukkeley

A few more reasons ....

My sister calls me eruma madu ( buffalo)
Paati calls me edi kazhuthai( donkey)
My friends call me patti, pothey ( meaning dog, buffalo respectively in malayalam)
One of my athai calls me chella kili ( sweet parrot)

May be because I am so fondly addressed, there wasnt any need to have a pet at home.

Ps: Names mentioned here are not imaginary, however, they are used in the most affectionate way.