Monday, June 30, 2008

Minimal posts

More people at home - check

Little niece running around the home and driving all of us nuts- check

Good food - check

Sweets and savouries from India- check

Chit chatting about family members- check

Getting pampered royally- check

Visiting places - check

Yippie...parents are here and good times ahead.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Gift Ideas

June is a speical month at the 'He-She' household. He- She share the same birthdate. With just a week for the 'special' day, I am sure TH ( meaning The Husband and henceforth will be addressed this way) is already thinking of some gift ideas.

Here are my tips for you honey...

1.Chocolates: Who doesnt love chocolates?So I do love them too.But not the stuff which is available in a grocery store.It has to be lindt or ghirardelli.I say a big No to the Hershey's kisses.

2.Perfume: What? is that a way you tell me that I stink?

3.Greeting cards: A card to wish me or a card to say that you forgot its OUR birthday?There is no way you can easily get away with just a greeting card

4.Flowers: Yes, that would be nice. But remember flowers = RED ROSES only.

5.Music CDs: Yes, they would count only if you get them to my taste.

6.Stuffed toys: No thanks,I love to cuddle with you more than them

7. Long drive: Nothing can beat that darling

8.Spa/ Beauty parlour gift card : Trust me, you can never go wrong with this one.Would love to go there every week, but then...

9.Handbags, clothes: Be careful when you venture into this dangerous territory.Be 100 % sure what I like.Many times, I myself have not been sure of what I like.Just thought of warning you..thats all.

10. Jewellery: Bang on!But no gold business here.You know me right? I like everything in complete set.So go ahead and splurge here For now, a necklace will do.We shall together shop the next weekend for the matching earrings, rings and the bracelets.

Much love,
Your better half

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Noothukku Nooru

Sachin Tendulkar has many of these to his credit

Any Rajinikanth movie easily passes through a triple of this

Securing this marks in a Maths paper is associated with brilliance

Now, I have done it my own way. My 100th post.

Here's to many more....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Random notes from the household

*We got our car this week.Mighty excited about it.

*Playing poker like mad.Poker with money and loosing big time as well.

*Been eating out atleast twice every week. Cooking has takena back seat.

*Resumed gymming this week.Dreaming of weight loss and wishfully thinking I really do loose.

* Parents visitng us in 10 days.Good food, fun, visiting places, going to my sisters place...what more to ask for?

*Thinking of joining for some cake baking class

Life is beautiful I say!