Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dream on

Kid 1: Hey, I am a superman, I will climb all the tall buildings, look down from there, jump from there.I will fly so high.

Kid2: I will goto jungle, see a lion, fight with the lion, defeat him, tie him onto a tree, see a tiger, fight with him, tie him on to a tree, catch all the butterflies,bring them home,take them to my garden.

Kid1:I will goto ice cream swimming pool dive into it and eat all the ice cream, then drive the car very fast.

Kid2: I will drive the airplane high up in the air and watch all the clouds, rivers, mountains.

Sigh!! I want to dream like these kids.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Its not you, its the weight...

A lazy Sunday morning and romance is in the air.I inch towards TH who is sitting and watching tv.I get up and sit on his lap.

Me: I so love this edey.

TH: You mean the Sunday morning?

Me:What?I am talking about sitting on your lap.It feels romantic.

TH:Hmmm ya.

Me: What do you mean?You dont like this?

TH:No I like it, just that am not able to bear with the weight.

Me: But, you used to like it 7 years before?

TH: Ya, its not you ok, trust me, its only the weight.

Me: &%%$$@@!!???####

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leaving me cold

Inspite of the summer season starting to show up, I sometimes feel cold.I cant thrive in cold climates, while TH can.There is a custom in our house which goes like this-10 minutes before I goto bed,TH has to go to bed, warm up my side of the bed basically and keep it warm for me to slip into blissful sleep.And many times, even that wouldn't be enough and so I take some body heat from TH by cuddling like a little bunny.Now, you think all is well right? Nope!After a few hours, TH starts slithing away and sometimes, pushing me to the edge of the bed.It leaves me cold ( pun intended!).I was finding it very difficult to sleep in the cold.No use waking TH and telling him because he would simply blabber something out of sleep and go back to snoring.

So being the generous, good hearted person that I am,I decided I will not wake him up.I just slept on his arm and paralysed him (*evil grin*).Next day onwards, he made sure I wasnt left feeling cold.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out of the world!

I will leave some pictures which best describe what I was upto.


First two pictures are view of the Lake Washington  and the rest of the pictures from Tulips festival.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taste it (IHS series)

SHE: Can you taste the aloo subzi?

HE: Ya, I will do it.

SHE:How was it?

HE: It is too salty

SHE: What? I added just 1 table spoon of salt

HE:Tssk! You usually forget to add salt, so I added 1 table spoon of salt before tasting it.


Friday, May 1, 2009

The belated wish-year 2

I dont know how it slipped from my mind
and it took me some time to find
that my blog has seen 2 full years
and its time to say cheers.
For it should have been celebrated a good 2 weeks ago
but I am glad that I didnt let it go
So here I thank one and all
tall, short, big and small
for visiting my personal space
and leaving your trace.
Here's wishing my blog 2nd happy birthday
in my own special way