Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leaving me cold

Inspite of the summer season starting to show up, I sometimes feel cold.I cant thrive in cold climates, while TH can.There is a custom in our house which goes like this-10 minutes before I goto bed,TH has to go to bed, warm up my side of the bed basically and keep it warm for me to slip into blissful sleep.And many times, even that wouldn't be enough and so I take some body heat from TH by cuddling like a little bunny.Now, you think all is well right? Nope!After a few hours, TH starts slithing away and sometimes, pushing me to the edge of the bed.It leaves me cold ( pun intended!).I was finding it very difficult to sleep in the cold.No use waking TH and telling him because he would simply blabber something out of sleep and go back to snoring.

So being the generous, good hearted person that I am,I decided I will not wake him up.I just slept on his arm and paralysed him (*evil grin*).Next day onwards, he made sure I wasnt left feeling cold.


Sanjay said...

Only you can write like this and Only you can do this. Poor TH.Is he ok now?

aZoed said...

Poor TH... I can tell you that's the worst feeling in the world... waking up to sensation less limbs and joints... try being more innovative (and less punishing) the next time.. :)

ss said...

He is absolutely ok.The numbness in shoulder/ arm lasted just for a few hours.

oye, wat poor TH, wat abt me?Imagine being pushed to the edge of the bed in crushing cold weather..and u wud agree that I was afterall being generous not to hurt him real bad

Rohan Chawla said...

LOL. Mean Girl (Read wife). Next time (I hope there is NEVER one)....Try putting ice cubes on his side of the bed. LOL. Sorry TH. ;)

clueless said...

OMG!You did it to TH? How could you?Is this what he deserves after warming up the bed for you?I am with TH all the way.

ss said...

thanks for taking my side. and ice cubes are a great idea.

oh y chamcha..I knw u..u wud always support him.

pooja said...

Aww poor TH.But that sounds like it worked out real time.May be I should try it too.But you know what, he would just wake up the next day as if nothing ever happened.

Albert Einstein said...

Intha SAMBAVUTHUKKU appuram, TH eppadi irukkaruuuuuuuuuuuu.

ss said...

haha..these guys I say

rombavey nalla enthuva the same time, romba jagrathayavum irukkar