Friday, May 1, 2009

The belated wish-year 2

I dont know how it slipped from my mind
and it took me some time to find
that my blog has seen 2 full years
and its time to say cheers.
For it should have been celebrated a good 2 weeks ago
but I am glad that I didnt let it go
So here I thank one and all
tall, short, big and small
for visiting my personal space
and leaving your trace.
Here's wishing my blog 2nd happy birthday
in my own special way


smyLeMaKEr said...

awesome edey!!!
Keep it going...

ss said...

u left a comment?I am happy to the core edey.

Rohan Chawla said...

Belated or on time,
A wish is worth much more than a million gold dimes;
Your blog is wonderful, I know,
In Delhi it's so hot, where is the snow?

hehe....Happy birthday Bloggy!

aZoed said...

aww! that's such a nice feeling... two beautiful years in the blogosphere...

here's wishing a very happy (belated) birthday to you and your blog - That's Me & Mine! keep writing... love your space... :) :)

ss said...

Trust u to come up with a rhyme in return. Thanks..its cos of a few ppl like u who comment,that am still writing.

Ya, it does feel gud to me.I wasnt sure how much wud I keep going.I am glad I havent lost any interest in blogging.thank u so much for the wishes.


Keep the good work going

clueless said...

Happy happy occasion
and a big congratulation
Its a good boost for me at work whenever I feel sleepy.Way to go.Keep blogging.

ss said...

thnk u so much

sleepy at off? lol!tnk u for the wishes

Sanjay said...

Congratulations and celebrations.Keep blogging and indulging us.

ss said...

thanks a bunch.Its just not possible to continue blogging without any readership. So thanks for helping me keep going.

Albert Einstein said...

Congrats on completing 2 years.... Great job. Continue the amazing work :-)

ss said...

thank wudnt have been possible if not for the very few readers like u who keep encouraging