Friday, August 22, 2008

Dirtying a cleaned bathroom

Get into the tub and open the shower

Cover the water exit hole in the tub with a small plastic lid

Open the shower to the maximum extent possible

Start singing ( read screaming)

Use some creativity and apply the soap on your toe nails as nailpolish

Pick up the soap and wash it in the water till the time you see bubbles

Jump around in the tub and splash the water wherever possible

If your soap is anything other than white colour, use it as a crayon to scribble on the tiles.

Courtesy : My 4 year old niece

Friday, August 15, 2008

To the one

who doesnt make any fuss in life

who cooks on his own and manages the home perfectly in my absence

who never used to move his b**t, but now cleans the home every weekend

who actually comes home to a locked door, but still knocks thinking I would come to open the door

who cannot match a pant & shirt,and hence calls me to ask if a grey shirt would match with black pants

who sits reminiscing about me all day

who has wrapped me in chains of love

I love you and am missing you terribly .Cant wait to be back with you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Earning a good name

from your in-laws is very easy- says TH

Offer to cook for everyone at home on a Sunday, when everyone likes to laze around.
Hang a DO NOT ENTER board infront of the kitchen
Do all the work from cutting veggies to boiling rice
Make some delicious sambar & spicy raw banana fry
Set up the table

Have the in-laws going oohh and aahh over the meal.
Have your wife envy you for all the complements that you receive from the in-laws.