Friday, August 22, 2008

Dirtying a cleaned bathroom

Get into the tub and open the shower

Cover the water exit hole in the tub with a small plastic lid

Open the shower to the maximum extent possible

Start singing ( read screaming)

Use some creativity and apply the soap on your toe nails as nailpolish

Pick up the soap and wash it in the water till the time you see bubbles

Jump around in the tub and splash the water wherever possible

If your soap is anything other than white colour, use it as a crayon to scribble on the tiles.

Courtesy : My 4 year old niece


satish said...

lol its fun to be a kid..u don know anything and u think everything is fun and u create total chaos..but its not fun for those who takes care of the all the best subha :D

ss said...

absolutely right.

pooja said...

Chhoo cute.Your niece sounds really whacky. Good that she is keepig you on toes.Enjoy her.

clueless said...

Kids these days!I have had missions of breaking eggs on the floor.

Albert Einstein said...

Good one :-). Finally by any chance did the bathing happen :-).

It is always fun and jolly to be kid or see kid do these things...

ss said...

she really is


the bathing happened after some 30 solid minutes of fun.

Sanjay said...

Your niece sounds cool. I like naughty whacky kids.Next time when you bathe her, add some drops of shampoo and see the magic.

ss said...

oh that was so nice of u to give some tips on making bath time more fun while i slog to clean the tub later on