Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nose Cut

She is away from her husband for more than 3 weeks.Is all excited to see He.

She has a make over with new haircut-with layers and all

She dresses up to her best and is all geared to welcome He at the airport

She wants to surprise He with the haircut and is eager to listen to what He has to say

He comes,She squeals a hi

He doesnt even notice the haircut

Finally She looses patience and asks He "how is my haircut"?

He casually says, ya its good and gives a 7/10 much for asking about my new haircut!!!


pooja said...

Same here. These men are like this only.Hugs.Btw, new haircut? Need a pic.Pliss oblige

Albert Einstein said...

Good one...

HE never cares about those things right. Think how would your reaction if he asks "Whats the difference :-)" [Just kidding]

Guys never took these things seriously :-)

ss said...

I guess its the same everywhere. Pics? hmm..I am not very comfortable in putting up pics here..let me see

oh ..i wud have a heart attack..

Sanjay said...

Sounds cool..err..I mean the new haircut

clueless said...

Whats it with the ladies now?All pitching in for a new haircut, hair color, spa visits?Anyway, enjoy maadi.

ss said...

did u really talk abt the haircut??

i think these things have always been arnd...just a kind if xperimentation u knw?