Friday, September 28, 2007

Happiness is...

Finding an auto right as you step outside a place,

asking the driver " enakku intha edathukku ponum, evlo venum?"


the auto driver replying " nee thaan ma muthal savari, neeye ethavathu paathu potu kudu ma"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Whats new with HE?

HE has never been upto this...
HE hasnt been so excited lately...
HE hasnt been so careful like this....
HE hasnt been behind the wheels ....
HE hasnt done U-turns and Left turns off late...
HE has his eyes on the road.....
HE is getting familiar with basic driving tools like steering wheel, clutch, brake, accelerator....

Oh ya....
HE is attending driving classes and just started driving.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Superstitious about superstitions

I am superstitious about superstitions. Touchwood, they always evoke the best laughter.

I read somewhere that superstitions and sentiments come into play when one is not sure of oneself. It is no coincidence that Cricket, Films and Politics- all avocations in which the secret of success can just be that- a secret!

Superstitions are interesting human foibles and fetishes, adding a comic pinch to the humdrum of our lives. But when you wear your superstitious beliefs on your sleeve, there is no point in denying or trying to rationalise it.

One of my school friend ‘J’, never had any intellectual or rational pretensions. She had strange habits. She used to make a ponytail out of her hair on exam days, but on an ordinary day, she plaits her hair. I thought may be it was due to lack of time, she made a pony tail, but she associated pony tail with good luck. Talk about silly beliefs! And not just that, when the papers were corrected, marks called out. ‘J’ always has her fingers and toes crossed. She believed to get low marks if she did not cross her fingers and toes, and her belief worked for her.

I had another friend ‘D’ in college, who used to come clad in a pale grey shirt whenever there was a tough exam or a presentation to be made. And believe me, he wore the same pale grey shirt for every semester exam, even after it became too tight for him and was about to explode anytime. I was told by another common friend that ‘D’ wore the same shirt for his CAT entrance test and that ‘D’ claimed that, with that shirt he would have got into one of those Ivy league colleges. But my dear ‘D’, I don’t think you could have even got into that dress!

Most of the superstitions start as innocuous habits, but soon become unshakable shibboleths of our lives. Now, I want to end this post with a very catchy punchline on superstition. But I cant. Ouch, I have an important presentation to be made today and my lucky white salwar is not yet pressed..

Friday, September 21, 2007

To those who forwarded me mails...

Email ids have always been special, especially the first one that i created with Mailcity.And all those times I used to look forward to mails from friends and family and I got them too.Now, I only get some junk forwarded mails.So, I thought I will thank all my friends and other unkown people who have very religiously forwarded some crap, junk and chain letters to me

It is because of your kindness,

I gave up soft drinks after I found that they are good only for removing toilet stains.

I stopped drinking water from outside for fear that I will fall ill with the cat shit and urine in that water.

I stopped going to cinema theatres for fear of sitting on a needle infected with AIDS.

I made some 101 wishes before forwrading those Dalai Lama, Ganesha Sthuthi, Tirupatji Balaji etc.

I also very obediently sent that mail from Microsoft which said Bill gates is sharing his fortune with people forwarding that junk mail. And trust me, I got my account credited with some $3791, you know its unbelievable!

I stopped taking an auto/ cab late night for fear of being drugged, raped and robbed of my kidneys.

Everytime I get a message "Orkut is deleteing your account, so please send this message to everyone to avoid deletion", I have sent that message to all those in my friend and enemy list.

I smell like some sewage for I stopped using perfumes and deodorants for fear of getting cancer.

The so called free Nokia phone and the Ipod never reached me.

I donated a dozen times to that Emily account, a sick girl who is suffering from Luekamia for the past 5 years, poor girl she is still 5 years old for the last 6 years.

I have stopped wearing lipstick for fear of LEAD content.

I have stopped ordering anything online for fear of misuse of my credit card.

I never won any lottery because I was the 9999999th visitor to that particular website you referred me to.

Now, if you donot send this to some 367021845 people within 10 seconds, you will step on cow's shit on the road sharp @ 6.30 p.m. and your life will be doomed.


Ps: This is my 50th post since I started blogging. Thank u for all ur patronage and support.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

As luck will have it...

If you have a mobile and you leave it somewhere, it is carelessness, BUT if you put it in your handbag and is looted by someone, it is badluck

If you wear a slightly torn cloth without noticing it, it is carelessness, BUT if you are neatly dressed and your dress gets stuck in a nail and gets torn, it is bad luck

If you wear a ring in your finger and misplace it somewhere, it is carelessness, BUT if one or two stones from that ring fall off somewhere, then it is bad luck

If your friend gives you her valuable stuff and asks you to keep it with you to collect it later on and you forget it, it is carelessness, but if it gets lost when it is in your guardianship, it is bad luck.

Guess my poor friend "R" is terribly hit by bad luck, for all the above mentioned things happened to her.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The place to be

If you are sweating profusely inspite of some A/c breeze that you get

If you feel like puking left, right, center,

If there is traffic jam even on the foot path

If you are not even taking a step forward, but still end up at your destination

If you are groped, touched or hit here and there

If the smell around makes you dizzy and you feel your own sweat smells better than the smell around

If you are constantly nagged like " akka chudithar theikkanuma, 1 hourla asin style la thechu tharuvom ka"

If even at past 10 in the night, there are people and only people around

If all you can hear is about Saravana Stores, brammandamai and "eduthukko eduthukko annachi kadayil eduthukko"

If you want to buy cheap gold at cheap rates

If you come across sellers selling chudithars and t shirts for rs 60

If you are simply confused as to the shop you must visit and the clothes you must choose

If you are deepfried as a Chicken 65

Then you are in the shopping hub (???) of Chennai. Welcome to T.Nagar, the most busiest shopping place on earth!This is the place you got to be if you want to see how happy people are...cos anytime of the year, there is always a huge crowd here. And who said, people are not having enough money in hand? I beg to differ cos why else, everyone would have atleast one carry bag of annachi kadai, one carry bag of Pothys, and one carry bag of Jeychandran Textiles?You name it, you get it here.So, if you wish to experience out of the world shopping experience, THIS is the place to be!

Friday, September 14, 2007


SHE likes to wake up early, HE doesnt.

SHE doesnt know a bit about planning things, making lists. HE thrives on that and has mastered the art.

If something is scattered on the floor, SHE stops by, picks it up and puts it aside, HE just walks over it.

SHE has tremendous expectations on every posisble thing, HE says "expect the best, prepare for the worst".

SHE prefers the tv switched off while feeling sleepy, HE likes the tv on till he goes into the unconscious state.

SHE remembers and takes notice of his appearance, beard, moustache, all his clothes, HE doesnt recognise many of her's.

SHE adores real spicy food, HE can handle spicy food to the minimum level.

SHE feels the house has to look neat when guests come, HE feels there is no need to tidy the house for the sake of the guests and that the things can lie around as they are.

SHE prefers perfect match and fitting for dresses, HE never cares for the perfect fit or the colour.

SHE doesnt keep track of any important things like bank accounts, license, passport, HE is very organised about all this.

SHE loves HE madly
HE falls head over heels with SHE each time and E.V.E.R.ytime.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Train journey

Been on a trip to Kerala last weekend and it was an overnight train journey.I travelled by sleeper class to save some money!Trust me, sleeper class is the best place for some solid entertainment in the train.Its fun to watch people around you.I managed to crouch and sit on my seat when a family of 4 landed in the same cubicle as mine. There was a husband, wife , a baby and a 12 yr old girl.Its amazing to see the luggage people carry. Guess they had one whole bag for diapers alone, one bag for food and snacks, one water kettle, so on so forth. Travelling with kids is such a pain I say.As soon as they dumped all their luggages under the seats, the wife asked her husband loudly "why didnt you book tickets in the 3rd A/c?" making sure everyone around heard her.Her husband very religiously answered her saying the tickets werent available. Thought she would stop there, oh she didnt. She again loudly asked her already petrified husband why he did not book tickets in 2nd A/c and went onto describe about the A/c effect there, curtains, reading lights and how they could all get down at the destination without wearing the tired look.And after all this, she herself quietened down by saying" oh, 2nd A/c la waiting listaa".Guess the bragging gave her some happiness.

Then there was a newly married couple who held hands through out the journey.They sat closeby, ate in the same plate,ate the same chappathi by breaking it into small pieces, had water in the same glass.Thank God, they did not sleep in the same berth.
There were two old men sitting on the side berth who had a tough time with the 12 year old girl nagging them for a place there.Unable to bear the girl's tantrums, they went to sleep blissfully.

Travails like these make the train journey memorable, and so was mine too.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Show them the meaning...

Everyday is a new beginning. Every day throws some kind of a challenge.Subtle changes keep happening.And you may need to make some adjustments or accept some trade offs.Just like getting up early in the morning, cooking on your own, getting ready, hurrying up to office,stand in queue for the office van. Now, standing leaves one to sweat a little bit.Finally you manage to board the van only to sit near some really unpleasant smelling creatures.

God, you have always given me whatever I wanted from life.Now please get these unpleasant smelling ones to know the real meaning of DEODORANTS or PERFUMES.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To my teachers, with love

Did you complete the assignment?
Have you got the graph book today?
Meet me after the class is over.

Does these ring a bell?I am sure it does.Sitting in the classroom has been an enjoyable experience especially if the class was taken by one of my favourite teachers.I miss being a student now and I envy all those who go to school or college now to listen to such teachers who make it a memorable experience.Today being "TEACHERS DAY" ,I remember such teachers whom I love and admire and the difference they have brought into me.
I had respect for many teachers, but I am truly fond of a few.

Mrs.Lakshmi Ramesh
Tops the list of my favourite teachers.She is beauty personified and I have always seen a mother in her.Her smile would cheer up anyone and she would always make sure the whole class understood what was being taught. She had a unique way of teaching and her fondness for the subject was infectious.The way she taught would encompass every student and she talked to us like equals without any differntiation of the teacher and the taught..I used to be terribly upset when she was absent to school.There was something in her that reached beyond the curriculum and I am glad to say she is just a phone call away.Teacher, you are the best!

It was because of this teacher, I had some fascination for the English language.Very simple and down to earth.She is no more and teacher, I really miss you.

Mrs.Marry Margrett
I was her pampered pet and her class was as though we were embarking on a picnic.Teacher, may be it is when you asked me to introduce myself to the class or when I carried notebooks and followed you to the staff room, I really donot know when you became by idol.I wish to see you some day.

I bow down to these teachers and all the other teachers who have emancipated me from the darkness of ignorance, taught me to be positive and to respect human values.Here I express my regards, respect and gratitude to all of you teachers. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why me?

You wait to cross a busy road, there are no pedestrians crossing .There is no break to the traffic and is at its peak.After about a solid 5 minutes, the road is relatively empty when you see an auto approaching along the same side.You think the auto will cross you and wait for it to pass you.But just when you think so,the auto comes close to you and stops right infront of you and the driver asks you " engamma ponum?" You just nod your head and say a no and move ahead to cross the road.But by this time, the traffic is at its peak again.
Kadavuley Why me?