Friday, September 21, 2007

To those who forwarded me mails...

Email ids have always been special, especially the first one that i created with Mailcity.And all those times I used to look forward to mails from friends and family and I got them too.Now, I only get some junk forwarded mails.So, I thought I will thank all my friends and other unkown people who have very religiously forwarded some crap, junk and chain letters to me

It is because of your kindness,

I gave up soft drinks after I found that they are good only for removing toilet stains.

I stopped drinking water from outside for fear that I will fall ill with the cat shit and urine in that water.

I stopped going to cinema theatres for fear of sitting on a needle infected with AIDS.

I made some 101 wishes before forwrading those Dalai Lama, Ganesha Sthuthi, Tirupatji Balaji etc.

I also very obediently sent that mail from Microsoft which said Bill gates is sharing his fortune with people forwarding that junk mail. And trust me, I got my account credited with some $3791, you know its unbelievable!

I stopped taking an auto/ cab late night for fear of being drugged, raped and robbed of my kidneys.

Everytime I get a message "Orkut is deleteing your account, so please send this message to everyone to avoid deletion", I have sent that message to all those in my friend and enemy list.

I smell like some sewage for I stopped using perfumes and deodorants for fear of getting cancer.

The so called free Nokia phone and the Ipod never reached me.

I donated a dozen times to that Emily account, a sick girl who is suffering from Luekamia for the past 5 years, poor girl she is still 5 years old for the last 6 years.

I have stopped wearing lipstick for fear of LEAD content.

I have stopped ordering anything online for fear of misuse of my credit card.

I never won any lottery because I was the 9999999th visitor to that particular website you referred me to.

Now, if you donot send this to some 367021845 people within 10 seconds, you will step on cow's shit on the road sharp @ 6.30 p.m. and your life will be doomed.


Ps: This is my 50th post since I started blogging. Thank u for all ur patronage and support.


Albert Einstein said...

Congrats on your 50th blog. Excellent writings always. Continue your excellent work. This was one of that forwarded mail that I liked a lot.

Albert Einstein said...
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sudha said...

Im in split he he hehe...good post..Keep up the good works sweets :-))

Clueless said...

We are looking forward to more from you.
ROFL @ your post. I will surely forward this to as many people as possible, because I do not want to step on cow shit. These forwards and those idiots who forward them have to be made to stand under a tree and get some bird shit!
Awsome post, hats off to you

ss said...

thank u so much.sorry i got the same comment of urs 2ice and i deleted one.


thank u.bird shit is such a small punishment..may b something bigger?

sudha said...

Hey congrats on the 50th post. keep rocking girl!

pooja said...

Hey congratulations
50 rocking posts huh? Awesome lady and keep up the work and treat us all for more.
Dont talk to me about forwards, those junk heads send forwards even to office ids, that thees days I directly send them to the trash bin even without opening them. Kudos to a funny post like this. You really rock

ss said...

tahnk u so much

I will rite more, but not too sure if that wud b a treat to u all.thanks a lot for those nice words. y do u give away ur office id to someone?


At 50 (blogs), u r going steady
keep rocking

Sriram said...

Vaazhthukkal.. kalakkittael.. 50 100 aagi, 100 1000 aaga yenadhu vaazhthukkal to u.. just cant explain how enjoyable ur writings and the enthusiasm behind it are..
super ma..

ss said...


one big thank u 2 both of u. had it not been for ur constant pepping, i mite not have made it this faster to the 50th post. thank u so much

Praveen Daniel said...

50th Blog..So u r celebrating ur Golden Jubilee in Blog Writing..Great...Cool ya!!!! :)

ss said...

thank u so much

MSV Muthu said...

you reflect my feeling about fwds, particularly, pls re-fwd this mail else you may loose your contact-lenses, kinda fwds. i really hate them. anyway, good post.