Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I love Sundays

simply for the reason that I can sleep for long hours and be treated to a yummy and sumptuous breakfast by TH

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best things about winter

Winter is the most dreaded season here.Come winter, you dont see any activity around, no one goes out on so forth.But I love winter for many reasons

1.You dont sweat, and you dont stink
2.No one knows whether you took bath or not, anyways, you donot stink.hence its purely optional to take a bath.
3.Sweaters and jackets are always on, you could as well go out in your Pjs or may be the very minimal clothes
4.Its a good excuse to indulge in some yummy deep fried snacks- who cares about the calorie count!
5.Be as lazy as you can and blame it on the lousy weather. good .These dont apply to me :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

So, where are we now?

Almost about 2 years of married life..and this was the conversation between TH and myself.

Me: I am ready for the potluck, saying so, I stand infront of him.

TH: Oh, I am ready too, lets leave.

Me:Didnt you notice am all dressed up and looking pretty?You did not say anything.

TH: Ya, you look nice and pretty.

Me: But you did not say that on your own, you waited for me to ask you about it.

TH:I did not really notice it

Me: Ya , thats what I am saying too..I am wearing a new dress do you know that?

TH: Oh nice dress, but I did not know its a new one.

so get the drift right?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little help

All I did was -ask TH for a little help in the kitchen on a busy morning

Monday, November 9, 2009

What I dreaded is here

A crazy week
Shifting home
Moving stuff
Getting used to the new home/place
Running nose
Watery eyes
Body ache
Pool of cardboard boxes lying around
Things to be set up at the new home
TH working night shifts
Visit to the doctor
Couple of mandatory tests
The wait at the doctor's room
Few minutes ticking away like hours
The doctor comes in with the news
Its confirmed
You have the flu!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


We are packing our bags again
amidst all the rain
this is a change
and to leave the current home- it does feel strange
packing and moving is keeping me busy
the pool of cardboard boxes send me into a dizzy
On and off, there will be a post
because blogging, I like the most.
Thus, I will be taking a little break
not sure how long it will take.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poll it

ME: So, hows the pasta?

TH: Oh ya its yum.The sauce is all absorbed and perfectly cooked.

ME: You really like it?

TH: Ofcourse I do.

ME: Ok, so what dish of mine do you love and how much do you rate it on a scale of 1-10?

TH: After some thinking, comes up with an answer " its difficult to say which one, because each time the taste varies"

ME: So, you mean to say am not consistent?

TH: No no, sometimes a dish is super duper, sometimes, its too salty, but most times its good.

ME: Hmmmpphh, sometimes, I should just not ask more questions and just leave things at that.So much for playing the "poll it" game.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saapaadu Rami

Cheese- mm..I love it
Milkshake-oh yum!
Ice cream-bring it on..
Samosa chaat- 2 plates please
Chips and wafers- as many as possible
Chocolates-who doesnt love them?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner- but ofcourse, regularly
Kurmur-anytime in between the above eats

I wonder how people are able to restrict food and control etaing habits. Sigh!

Ps: Loose/decent translation of the title-food lover

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A man's closet

25 handkerchiefs
30 briefs
30 razors
5 perfume bottles
3 deos
3 different shampoo bottles

I am speechless.

Ps: The numbers are very close to accurate.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Long flight journey- check
Excitement of going home- check
Fear of catching swine flu-check
Drooling about home made food-check
Seeing appa amma at the airport and squealing-check
Cuddling with paati (grandmother)-check
Visiting temples-check
Eating unlimited food-check
Family gossip-check
Visit the inlaws-check
T nagar shopping-check
Auto travel-check
Electric train travel-check
Eating unlimited street food-check

I am having a blast with the India trip.Poor TH is back in Seattle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What do you do

with a husband who goes to work by car, but forgets that he drove the car to office and comes back home in a bus and realises that he indeed drove the car to office?

What do you have to say about the couple who take a bus to reach office parking garage and come back home in the car?

Wait, if you thought this is funny.

The wife has to go somewhere and asks the husband to lock the door when he leaves for work.The husband nods as usual.The wife comes back after a few hours and is shocked beyond words to see that the door is locked but the key is hanging on the keyhole.

God, please hear me out, I have just one wish, make sure TH doesnt E.V.E.R forget me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is bliss

10 days of break
no cooking
only eating
little niece to entertain
visiting friends and family
no household chores to do
sleep at crazy times, wake up at crazy times
nice sunny weather of the bay area

thats what the last 10 days has been like.Life is bliss!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


aweomse weather- not too hot, not too cold
pleasant mid morning
ample time with not much household chores
a sudden thought and I decide to go biking
change to cycling pants, helmet
happily pedal my way
when the wheels stop functioning after a few minutes in the middle of the road.
I try, and try and try to make it work , but in vain.
I call TH and bawl right while standing on the road saying " just one day, I decide to take the cycle and this has to happen to me..I cant even enjoy a simple cycle ride, I am so unlucky"
TH on the phone, "its ok, we can check it in the evening and you can ride tomorrow".
I was in no mood to heed to the consoling and cry even more.
I calm down after 20 minutes.Walk back home while pushing the cycle along with me.
Sigh! Honey, what would I do without you?It does feel nice that you are there to comfort me even if it means skipping your lunch for resuming work on time.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A walk (IHS series)

SHE:Its so nice to take a walk during summer.The weather is nice, its not yet dark..

HE: Ya,you have been wanting to go for a like this.Just your kind of walk!

SHE: Ya,its not just for the walk,we could also talk a lot while walking.

HE: Hmm,we can walk, you can talk to me, while I check mails in my blackberry.

SHE: I know you would cling to your phone for dear life, thats why, I took away the phone from your pocket and left it at home.So, now you can talk too.

HE: %%$$##@@????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sharing the birthday

Same year born? possible I say
Same month born? possible I say
Same date of birth? very much possible I say
But the husband and the wife sharing the same date of birth? you see it in this blog..
Thats right, TH and I share the same birthday/date.That leaves me with only two special occasions in a being the wedding day which happened to be same for both of us..and the birthday..sigh!
I cant even hog the limelight for one day:(
Happy bday sweetheart and happy bday to me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The one man army at home

Pa is one person whose life has been nothing but sacrifices.May be he was even forced to ..because we were 3 women against him.And sometimes with my grandmother at home, it was a clear 4:1.He was the only man and had no choice.Everysingle day, he would have to listen to conversation about clothes, beauty accessories, clothes, shoes, handbags, sarees, salwars, did I say clothes?,pakkathu aathu mami, or ethir veetu mami (talks about neighbour aunties).Poor pa.He would just nod his head and or utter a mere uummm to whatever we say beacause men are like that.I dont know if he really understood our conversation.All cupboard stuffed with girl clothes and girl stuff ,shirt hanger used to hang handbags,office table spread with teddy bears instead of the paper work.All the papers he keeps for rough accounts use, being actually used for drawing rangoli.Even the cupboard in the bathroom stuffed with face packs, moisturiser lotions We then moved home and things started changing slowly.I had a room on my own, my sister "B" was married then.Grandmother had a seperate shelf for her things and ofcourse Pa had a whole room and the whole house for his stuff.But, we still subject him to conversation on clothes, shoes, handbags, clothes, pink, cindrella, snow white etc, with the only difference in the number being 5:1.yep, thats my little niece 5yo joining the bandwagon- because women are like that.Happy Fathers day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There is no joy

like licking a cake batter bowl empty!

Do you agree?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So, what happens

when you get invited for a traditional baby shower and the shower is early in the morning on a weekday?

-you have to wake up unusually early,
-bathe unusually early, cook a 2 course meal for TH and pack,
-get ready yourself-which means, dust the wedding sarees and juggle between the red/ blue/ green sarees
-decide on the green one with maroon border
-pick up matching accessories
-try draping the saree-ya afterall, saree has seen some light out of the suitcase only 3-4 times in a year
-struggle with the pallu
-get TH to help you pin the saree and adjust the fleets
-brush the hair, a make up here and there
-grab a bite of the breakfast
-and finally sit in the car
-all within a deadline of 45 minutes to go
-get TH drop me at the venue of the baby shower
-hurry through the stairs to be on time
-knock on the door and wait for the door to be opened
-when a sudden realisation dawns that
I have indeed draped the saree "ulta pulta"-the inner on the outer and vice versa.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dream on

Kid 1: Hey, I am a superman, I will climb all the tall buildings, look down from there, jump from there.I will fly so high.

Kid2: I will goto jungle, see a lion, fight with the lion, defeat him, tie him onto a tree, see a tiger, fight with him, tie him on to a tree, catch all the butterflies,bring them home,take them to my garden.

Kid1:I will goto ice cream swimming pool dive into it and eat all the ice cream, then drive the car very fast.

Kid2: I will drive the airplane high up in the air and watch all the clouds, rivers, mountains.

Sigh!! I want to dream like these kids.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Its not you, its the weight...

A lazy Sunday morning and romance is in the air.I inch towards TH who is sitting and watching tv.I get up and sit on his lap.

Me: I so love this edey.

TH: You mean the Sunday morning?

Me:What?I am talking about sitting on your lap.It feels romantic.

TH:Hmmm ya.

Me: What do you mean?You dont like this?

TH:No I like it, just that am not able to bear with the weight.

Me: But, you used to like it 7 years before?

TH: Ya, its not you ok, trust me, its only the weight.

Me: &%%$$@@!!???####

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leaving me cold

Inspite of the summer season starting to show up, I sometimes feel cold.I cant thrive in cold climates, while TH can.There is a custom in our house which goes like this-10 minutes before I goto bed,TH has to go to bed, warm up my side of the bed basically and keep it warm for me to slip into blissful sleep.And many times, even that wouldn't be enough and so I take some body heat from TH by cuddling like a little bunny.Now, you think all is well right? Nope!After a few hours, TH starts slithing away and sometimes, pushing me to the edge of the bed.It leaves me cold ( pun intended!).I was finding it very difficult to sleep in the cold.No use waking TH and telling him because he would simply blabber something out of sleep and go back to snoring.

So being the generous, good hearted person that I am,I decided I will not wake him up.I just slept on his arm and paralysed him (*evil grin*).Next day onwards, he made sure I wasnt left feeling cold.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out of the world!

I will leave some pictures which best describe what I was upto.


First two pictures are view of the Lake Washington  and the rest of the pictures from Tulips festival.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taste it (IHS series)

SHE: Can you taste the aloo subzi?

HE: Ya, I will do it.

SHE:How was it?

HE: It is too salty

SHE: What? I added just 1 table spoon of salt

HE:Tssk! You usually forget to add salt, so I added 1 table spoon of salt before tasting it.


Friday, May 1, 2009

The belated wish-year 2

I dont know how it slipped from my mind
and it took me some time to find
that my blog has seen 2 full years
and its time to say cheers.
For it should have been celebrated a good 2 weeks ago
but I am glad that I didnt let it go
So here I thank one and all
tall, short, big and small
for visiting my personal space
and leaving your trace.
Here's wishing my blog 2nd happy birthday
in my own special way

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Principles are out in the air...

Each one has some principles.They stand by it, no matter what.TH is one solid example.But I wonder about how some of my principles vanish into thin air when comfort takes the priority.

Principle:Switch off the tv when not in use
Comort:My favourite programme will be telecasted in a few minuts, let the tv be on.Afterall, its good to have a feeling of someone talking to me.

Principle:Keep yourself fit,spend a few minutes on working out.
Comfort:What workout, I am tired.Its raining anyway.Will do it tomorrow.

Principle:Save energy.Cook once in the morning and once in the noon.
Comfort: Who will eat the food made in morning/ noon.Let me make something fresh for dinner.

Principle:Use old clothes to clean
Comfort:clothes have to be washed, use paper towels

Sigh! What do I say?I got to change.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ma would be up early in the morning.She would bathe, light the lamp, chant the slokas.But today, it will be a little more than the usual.She would pray more,kneel down a little longer.By then, Pa would be up,take a look at the "kani" after the usual morning ablutions,would wake me up , walk me to the pooja room for me to look at the "kani".I would sleepily look at the kani, then make up my mind to take bath.The new clothes and the vishu kaineetam are so tempting you know.Then the world's best breakfast of Idli, sambar, vadai.Droolicious.After that yummy breakfast,I would rush to paati for the vishu kaineetam.Then to ma, pa.Then to a couple of known people's nearby for the moola.By late evening, all the cousins would get into discussion on who got the maximum kaineetam.Oh such fun.

But, I know ma and paati would sit in the verandah, will think of me and my sister.Ma would close her eyes for a moment and remember how little we were and how soon we grew up, and flew out of the nest.She would think of us, longing and yearning to be with us.But ma,I would like to tell you that I am doing the same now..standing by my balcony, thinking about you, pa, paati, our home,what you might have cooked, who all might have visited our home today,the temple right opposite .

For, no Vishu is ever complete without a thought about the loved ones in our life.
Happy Vishu.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is in the air

There is something really special about a warm spring morning, the morning sun streaming in thorugh the windows.I just get up, stretch myself, walk to the windows and start singing hai mera dil .I just walk around the house humming, all smiles, being all lovey-dovey to the husband.I also blow some flying kisses to him which sees him jumping out of the bed to catch them.

Today,a beautiful day of spring
and that itself makes me sing

The sun making its way
I want to put on some music and sway

Such freshness in the air
oh how I love this spring affair

It is going to be a bright day
and I want the spring to stay. 

Everything is so bright
and that brings much delight

The winter did go
to mother nature I bow

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new trend

TH has a dedicated closet for his clothes and inspite of that, I often see him wearing the same shirt/ t shirt.Needless to say, I keep telling him to rotate between all the shirts/ t shirts.As if he listens!When I sat down thinking what could be done about this, I thought how about a burqa for men?Not bad I say...It serves a lot of purposes.

1.Most importantly, no one knows what shirt/ t shirt you are wearing inside..leave alone if you are wearing any dress at all.

2.I dont have to nag him saying you just wore this shirt last week

3.Shaving can wait for months..who cares?

4.And if the wife is non stop talking , you can conveniently move away pretending not knowing who you are talking to, but the wife will make you listen anyhow!

5.No worries about greying hair

6.The not- so hot men can wear a burqa and pretend to be hot men

7. No pressure to work out, your pot belly can be hidden inside a burqa

Bah! looks like I can seriously start this with the TH.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to cook?

HE: I am hungry, wats for dinner?

SHE: What do you want? Idli? Dosa? Chappathi? Pasta?

HE: Do you know how to make them?

SHE: Oh comeon, what do you mean?

HE:You always have the laptop open and check the recipes, so was wondering if you would do the same for this one too.

SHE: &^^%%@@##$$$????

Friday, March 13, 2009

That day- a short story

Its not going good for him so far.His wife fought with him the previous night.She even hinted at going back to her parents place.Then as the day dawned,he got ready to goto office.His car broke down on the way.He was already late for work.He managed to reach office an hour late, only to be called in by his superior.He was told that he lost his job due to cost cutting.Just as he gathered his mind and left office,he waited for the bus.His ill luck continued to follow him as there was a major accident on the road and traffic was shut down.He decided to walk back home. A day cannot be so bad without a reason- he thought. As he reachd home and opened the door, he collected the day's posts.One of which stood out- the intimation that he won a MILLION on the lottery ticket that he purchased a week ago.It was not a bad day afterall!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hips don't lie

The Infinity guy did the honours of tagging me and here I go.Guess this is my first proper tag.

Rules :
1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. YOu must write that song name down, no matter how
4. Tag n no. of friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.

-Babuji zara dheere chalo ( Dum)-My Ipod knows it the best!

-Andang kaka kondakkari (Anniyan)-I am nowhere close to this

-Idhayam oru kovil (Idhaya kovil)-Aarghh this shuffle thingie...

-Kodana kodi ( Saroja)- Thats apt

-Endanenne ( Goal)-Dont ask me

-L-L-Lies (Diana King)-My Ipod ditched good

-Saturday Night (Whigfield)-Got to ask them

-Adiradi ( Sivaji)-No adhiradi, they are damn sweet

-Come dance with me ( Dasavatharam)- Probably with TH

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
-Gori naal ishq mita (Bally Sagoo)-No guesses

-Pappu cant dance sala ( Jaane na ya jaane tu)-Lol, this is funny

-Aao na (Kyun ho gaya na)-Could be true

-Jai ho ( Slumdog Millionaire)-Whether it is true/ not, I love this selection

-Circus ( Britney Spears)- Uh oh, I never want to end up in a circus .

-Its the time to disco ( Kal ho na ho)-Not actually

-Lady Gaga ( Just dance)-I dont think so

-I will skip this one.

-Calabria ( Enur Feat.Natasja)- Oh my!Definitely not

-Dating ( Boys)-Ayyo, I am off for now

-Kadhal Sadugudu ( Alaipayuthey)-Blame it on the shuffle setting

-Oru Maalai ( Ghajini)- No this is nice

-Taxi Taxi ( Sakkarakatti)- You mean I would be run over by a taxi?

-Masakkali ( Dilli6)- I dont regret, its super cute

-Enigma Sadness ( Principles of lust)-Sadness and laugh? something is wrong

-Kajra re ( Bunty aur Bubli)- It makes me dance

-I am already married

-Dhoom machale ( Dhoom)- No not the song, but Isha Deol

-Bin tere sanam (club mix by Dj Apsy)-Oh boy

-How to name it ( Ilayaraja)- I wud never do it, he is a legend

-Marlyn Manroe ( Azhagiya Tamizh Magan)- Ya perfect

-Hips don't lie ( Shakira)- Ahh, guess this could pull in some crowd to my blog when typed on google.

Pheww, that was a long one.Now the real job of passing it on.

Carving a niche

Idiosyncratic ruminations

Guys, get it soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lets talk

Me: Edey, you have been working like crazy. Lets unwind for sometime.

Th: ya sure. Where do we go?

Me: How about swimming? We could swim for an hour and then get into the hot tub and generally chit chat.

Th: Sounds good.Pack your gym bag.

After an hour of swimming, we get into the hot tub.

Me: So tell me

Th: Tell you what?

Me: You said we could talk and chit chat in the hot tub.

Th: Hmm ok

Me: So tell me edey

Th: blank


I make yet another attempt after 15 mins

Th: hehe..what to say?

Me: Anything under the sun. Lets just chit chat about nothing

Th: blank...

Me: Ok, lets get going. Am off to the shower room.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The way to a (my) man's heart...

Some blueberry muffins...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mush Alert

I look at the sky
thinking about the gift to buy

I think of all the years we have known each other
and that reminds me of one of the email i sent you calling you a brother

All said and done, we have come a long way
I wish and pray for this happiness to stay

Over the years, you have changed a lot
I feel content with the blessings I got

You are my best half
and I love the way you make me laugh

Thanks for being there
and I will always love you- I swear

Happy Valentines day my darling husband. Love you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The IPL fever

January is dead, February is here
April is already near

Goa hosts the player shopping
there is no way my excitement is stopping

With April comes the IPL
the event to test every player's skill

It will be the season of cricket
and everyone would be buying the ticket

Some watch tv to follow the match
with their heart racing at every catch

Singing, dancing and drumming
to celebrate the IPL coming

Crowd shouting and hooting till the voice went hoarse
nothing to stop them- no force

Some would say oh the bowling wasnt too tight
but some would feel it was just right

Across the stadium, a lot of them chatting
about Hayden's and Raina's batting

Going oooh and aah over every six
sipping on a lemonade mix

All attention towards the score
and a loud roar for every four

Who would want to miss the thrill
sitting by and drinking something chill

My friend says its all glitz, glamour and fame
but I say its so because of the love for the game

It would be the best season
donot ask me why- I have no reason

I am all set to cheer
for the event that will honour every achiever

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Apple of his eye

I was the one he would turn to as soon as he is home
I was the one he would talk to all the time
I was the sole companion for him
I was the apple of his eye

this came along about 10 days ago.Ttcch, how I hate to share the attention.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


She & He in a discussion at home after the guests are gone:

SHE: Everyone loved the food we served.

HE: But the 'bajji' and 'sambar' I made won against your 'morkuzhambu' and 'aviyal'

SHE: Romba alattikatha..from now on, you can do all the cooking whenever we have guests.

HE: Appo nee ennathaan pannuva?

SHE: You do the cooking, I will take all the complement saying I cooked.

HE: ^%$$#@&!##&*??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To the greatest guy I married

A stranger whom I bumped onto in rediff chat room
Just a Hi, hello and what you do kinda talk
You ask me when my birthday is
which I happily tell you
I then ask you the same question
when you tell me the same birth date as mine
I think- oh what a rogue you must be
to say the same birth date as mine.
I ridicule and we rarely mail each other
A couple of months later, I get an e card from you promptly wishing me on my bday
The card read" I am celebrating this day just for you, how about you?"
I cry out of happiness, out of the feeling I ridiculed you
and afterall, you only told me the truth.
Yes baby, we share the same bday.
Frequency of mails increase,we talk a lot
and then suddenly you go off to Singapore
I get mad if I dont receive a mail from you
and cant forget the numerous times I logged onto yahoomail
to check if theres a mail from you
I started missing you if there wasnt a mail from you
You felt the same
You proposed,I fought with you for 4 days
ridiculing how you could love someone whom you havent met yet
I give up finally and accept your proposal.
Life is never the same since then.

7 years of knowing you, 1 year of living with you,They have been the best in my life.Knowing you has broadened my horizon and I love everything about us.Look what you got with me for a wife- lots of bills to pay for the rest of your life, drop offs at the beauty parlour, and gym,errands to run, dresses to zip, household chores, my changing moods, sometimes strang,e exotic foods..but through it all, good times and bad,You have been the best husband a girl ever had. I thank all the stars for having you in my life, You are the best that I can ask for.Love you so much.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Cold weather
Me cuddled inside the comforter.
Not wanting to wake up anytime now
I continue sleeping.
Trouble comes in the form of my little niece
who is sent by my dear husband to wake me up.
I beg and plead for just 2 mintutes of precious sleep
to which my niece agreed.
Thinking that the trouble , ooppss my niece would go away
I pull the comforter back and close my eyes.
And to my horror, hear my niece sitting by my bed
and loudly counting up to the 2 minutes gracious time.

These kids I say...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its that time of the year

when one year shuts down and the other is waiting to be born. Looking back, its been so eventful for me.I got married to TH- my long time boyfriend, we started living together, we started blending as a family.I so look forward to the coming year.For now, I leave the past and step into the unknown new year knowing it will the best for me and my family.