Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mush Alert

I look at the sky
thinking about the gift to buy

I think of all the years we have known each other
and that reminds me of one of the email i sent you calling you a brother

All said and done, we have come a long way
I wish and pray for this happiness to stay

Over the years, you have changed a lot
I feel content with the blessings I got

You are my best half
and I love the way you make me laugh

Thanks for being there
and I will always love you- I swear

Happy Valentines day my darling husband. Love you.


satish said...

hehe too much poetry these days i say :D guess love brings out unexpected things within us :D anyway nice one Subha..ensoys the romance this V day :)

pooja said...

Lady theres too much mush in the post. Anyways, wishing you a happy valentines day, lots of love, chocolates and champagne.

ss said...

ya i knw..i guess i shud move on from bein too poetic

thanks fr the wishes. too much mush? oh i thot there was hardly any *** winks***

clueless said...

Lady vairamuthu?But me likes the IPL one better than this.

Sanjay said...

How dare you dedicate a poem on valentines day? What if Ram sena reads this?

ss said...

me dont like the name u gave me..puhleese

ayyo, am so scared now.

aZoed said...

guess I'm reading it a bit late... after the IPL one, I'd thought you were one of the funny poets..
I think again... this one was so romantic.. nice wrk.

ss said...