Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The IPL fever

January is dead, February is here
April is already near

Goa hosts the player shopping
there is no way my excitement is stopping

With April comes the IPL
the event to test every player's skill

It will be the season of cricket
and everyone would be buying the ticket

Some watch tv to follow the match
with their heart racing at every catch

Singing, dancing and drumming
to celebrate the IPL coming

Crowd shouting and hooting till the voice went hoarse
nothing to stop them- no force

Some would say oh the bowling wasnt too tight
but some would feel it was just right

Across the stadium, a lot of them chatting
about Hayden's and Raina's batting

Going oooh and aah over every six
sipping on a lemonade mix

All attention towards the score
and a loud roar for every four

Who would want to miss the thrill
sitting by and drinking something chill

My friend says its all glitz, glamour and fame
but I say its so because of the love for the game

It would be the best season
donot ask me why- I have no reason

I am all set to cheer
for the event that will honour every achiever



TR stylela kavidhai eludhirikka pola

ss said...

ada pavi u compare me with TR? no fair!

pooja said...

Wow classy template.Looks so good. And thats a nice shot of poem about the IPL.keep going .

aZoed said...

that rhyme had me laughing in my bed! good one...

nice theme btw...
and thank you for visiting my blog.. keep coming back...

ss said...

i luv the template so much too.

thanks zoed and yup, will surely keep visitin ur space.

clueless said...

Dhool ma.You set the temperature roaring with this poem.Hail Dhoni and his men.