Friday, November 30, 2007

Best of Luck

Time aachu innum kelambalaiya?

10 manikku exam, innum breakfast saapadala, traffic vera irukkum, seekiram kelambu

Black pen, pencil eraser sharpener ellam eduthu vechacha? Ellamey 2 vechukko, onnu seriya illatti kooda innonnu use pannikalam.

Question paper kaila vantha udaney, oru fast reading pannu, apparam, therinja questionsa mark pannu

Therinja questionsa first ezhuthu

Last 10 minutes papera check panna vechuko

Naan sonnathu ellam nyabagam vechuko, maranthudathey. Tension aagathey.


yes, the above conversation was between an 8 year old son and his father (my neighbour) who was appearing for the Bank officer promotion exam last week.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smart n witty conversation

Spent a couple of days with SID's nephews and they simply bowled me over with some true witty conversation.

Kid1: Neenga office poganuma?Ingaye irunga
Me: Illa, innum 1 week poganum.
Kid1:Oh, appo 1 week apparam, ingaye iruppeengala?
Me:Officela relieve aanathukku apparam, naan enga veetukku poren
Kid1: Kerala va?
Me:Ya, enga amma veetukku poren
Kid1:Appo inimel inga vara maateengala?
Me:Jan 20th apparam inga thaan irukka poren.

By then, Kid2 also joins the conversation

Kid1:Atheppdi inga irupeenga? Neenga unga veetukku poiduveengaley
Kid2 to Kid 1: Avanga namma veetla thaan iruppanga.
Kid 1 to me: Neengalum mamavum unga veetukku thaaney poveenga

Kid 2 not letting me to talk,tells Kid1
Dei, illa da, avanga inga thaan iruppanga. Yeanna, thalaivan engayo anga thaan thalaiviyum irukkanum. So, mama inga iruntha avangalum inga thaan irukkanum, mama vera oorukku pona avangalum anga poganum


Yet another snippet....
We happened to discuss about the latest Diwali releases at home when the talk was about actor Prithviraj in some latest flick and later the talk automatically diverted towards the movie "Mozhi".

Kid 2 to me: Neenga mozhi cienma patheengala?
Me: Yes
Kid2: Athula prithviraj jothikava paakum pothu mani adikkum, light eriyum, athu mathiri ungalukkum mamakkum vanthucha?

Another one...
Me to Kid 2: Hey, unakku Singapore pidikkuma Australia pidikkuma ( They were in Singapore for a few years and are now relocating to Australia)
Kid2:2umey pidikkum
Me:Ethavathu onnu thaan sollanum
Kid2: Entha country currency perusu?
Me: Australian dollar is bigger than Singapore dollar in terms of value.

Without even the slightest hesitation,
Kid2: Appo, enakku Australia thaan pidikkum

(Kid1 & Kid2 respectively)

These kids I say......

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What is it about the idli that I dont like it?Why the dislike for a simple staple food like idli? Is it because of the enormous preparation that comes along with it? - the soaking of rice, urad dhal, then grinding it and fermenting it, exhausting I say.Or is it beacuse of its bland taste?Or is it because its the food readily recommended when one is ill?Thats not all, theres more to it.That idli cant be cooked in anykind of a vessel, but in a particular idli thattu, the making of side accompaniments like sambar, chutney or molagapodi. And dont talk about cleaning the idli thattu, you need to soak it in water atleast for a couple of hours so that it is easy to clean .I know some households who follow the idli ritual every week, No, am sorry, they follow it atleast twice a week.I was so glad for the 2 years in Pune simply for the reason that I neednt go through the idly ritual at all and can happily indulge myself in roti subzi.Man porposes, and God disposes.I longed for this bland food.And that leads to the confession partof this post that......

Stuffing your face with hot idlis, molagapodi and subsequently wahsing it down with a glass of neer more or buttermilk is bliss.There is nothing like it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kadhal Muthi Pochu....

SHE: Hey, innikku en college friendsa ellam meet panninen. They kept asking me about you.
HE: Enna pathi enna sonna? Nallathu ethavathu sonniya?
SHE:Ei, naan evlo santhoshama sollindu irukken, nee kindal pannara?
HE: Seri, sollu, enna pathi enna sonna?
SHE: I told them that you are such a nice guy and that you are so loving and affectionate.
HE:Oh, so being nice is the most important criteria?
SHE: Athuvum thaan.
HE: Vera enna irukku? Hmmmm, do you like guys with a sense of humour?
SHE: Ya pidikkum, good sense of humour, but that is not all
HE:Ok, intelligence?
SHE: Ya, but vera qualitiesum irukkanum
HE: Appo, money, status,nalla velai?
SHE:Oru alavukku nalla velai, mathathellam onnum periya vishayam illa
HE: Hmmpphh, so what should a guy do to win a girl's heart?
SHE:You should know, because you have already won mine and strongly rooted in my heart!
HE:Love is bilss illa?
SHE: Love and Loving you is bliss!
HE: I Love you
SHE: I Love you too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That thing which crawled

It took me a while to realize that the little grey thing moving on my notebook was not my imagination, but a scarily tiny creature. He looked so fragile. My first impulse was to blow him off the paper. But I stopped myself, for he was more interested in scrutinising what I was reading then. He walked a bit, then paused; walked,paused, and sometimes ran too. It looked as though he was searching for something in the vast forest of black lines on paper. A place to set up his home, maybe? He should have been disappointed.
He never quit, though. Just when he had finished travelling the entire length of the paper, he started again in the diagonally opposite direction. His tenacity fascinated me - what did he want?
Just then, I sneezed.
I opened my eyes. He was nowhere to be seen, the little crawly spider!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Diwali Dhamaka

Come Diwali, all you see around you is lot of pomp and colour. Apart from this,

Newspapers carry free hand outs with advertisements about the latest in shopping and various discounts.

Magazines and the cookery shows in the T.V. will crackle crisply with various recipes to be specially tried for Diwali, but the same when tried at home will shape up like some rare species.

T.V and the FM channels screaming with textile ads, jewellery ads, sweet shop ads.

And most importantly,the Dos and Donts exploding in every nook and corner.Oh ya, I very well know that I should not burst a cracker near a hospital.

Allright, these are some minor things and I am willing to overlook them. But there are a couple of things which I get highly pissed off about.

The T.V. channels , in the name of showing some “inthiya tholaikatchigalil muthal murayaga” movie, butchers the programme by long good trains masquerading as advertisements. I shall bow my head to anyone who has watched a full film or a complete programme telecast on a festival day. Infact, I am very sure that the number of times the T.V. audience hopping across channels on a festival day like this will be more than what they do all through the year.

The second thing that am wary of is the bakshanams that come from ethir veetu mami, pakkathu veet akka and so on. May be they all think one should have diabetes after Diwali. Oh, I am not being rude or insensitive to those who suffer from that affliction. People constantly feed you with sweets…there will be so many sweet boxes at home by the end of the day that the amount of sweets fed can actually feed an entire wedding

So what I am I going to do for this Diwali? I plan to wake up by 4 a.m. because that’s the time I can watch T.V without any ads butchering the programme.I wish to start off my day with peace. Secondly, I donot intend to stuff myself with all kind of bakshanams and sweets to match with the frequency of an ad shown on the T.V. Otherwise, who knows …any noise heard might not be that of crackers alone…

All said and done, Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Before the journey...

SHE: I will be there around 2 in the afternoon.
HE: Ya come soon.
She reaches He's place
SHE: Hi, packing ellam aacha?
HE: illa da, last leg of the packing on.
After some help with the packing,
SHE:seri, naan kadaikku poittu varen.
HE: Ethukku?
SHE: I want to get you a shirt or a t shirt for diwali
HE:I already have so many, you have seen them no?
SHE: Ya so what? I want you to wear a new dress for diwali.
HE: Seri, get only one.
She happily indulges in shopping, comes home with 2 t shirts and hands them over to HE.
HE: Giving a very angry look, ethukku da 2 vaangina? nee nenaikkaratha thaan da pannuva. I told you to buy just one.
SHE: Its ok no, I just got 2 avlo thaan.
He draws a blank and then looks at the t shirts once again and says "oh, intha modela, supera irukku da" and keeps one inside the baggage and one for wearing it for the travel.
SHE tells herself: Oh, ya I know you will like it, athaan vaanginen.
SHE: I will miss you so much
HE: Ya , me too da
SHE: Been so used to these 5 months of seeing you every weekend, playing badminton, going out, the bike rides.
HE: Ya I know, enakkum thaan da.Anyways this is the last wait for us.Another 2 months only
SHE: Ya, hopefully.
SHE:Naanum kooda varatta?
HE: Enga?
SHE: USkku
HE: Innum 2 months thaan da, apparam nee koodavey irukkalam
HE: Be happy da, all that matters to me is your happiness.
SHE: Hmmm, ya, am happy, you also be happy.Good luck and happy journey

My dear HE, you precisely know what to say especially at a time when we are away from each other. Dont you?You are the best!