Saturday, November 3, 2007

Before the journey...

SHE: I will be there around 2 in the afternoon.
HE: Ya come soon.
She reaches He's place
SHE: Hi, packing ellam aacha?
HE: illa da, last leg of the packing on.
After some help with the packing,
SHE:seri, naan kadaikku poittu varen.
HE: Ethukku?
SHE: I want to get you a shirt or a t shirt for diwali
HE:I already have so many, you have seen them no?
SHE: Ya so what? I want you to wear a new dress for diwali.
HE: Seri, get only one.
She happily indulges in shopping, comes home with 2 t shirts and hands them over to HE.
HE: Giving a very angry look, ethukku da 2 vaangina? nee nenaikkaratha thaan da pannuva. I told you to buy just one.
SHE: Its ok no, I just got 2 avlo thaan.
He draws a blank and then looks at the t shirts once again and says "oh, intha modela, supera irukku da" and keeps one inside the baggage and one for wearing it for the travel.
SHE tells herself: Oh, ya I know you will like it, athaan vaanginen.
SHE: I will miss you so much
HE: Ya , me too da
SHE: Been so used to these 5 months of seeing you every weekend, playing badminton, going out, the bike rides.
HE: Ya I know, enakkum thaan da.Anyways this is the last wait for us.Another 2 months only
SHE: Ya, hopefully.
SHE:Naanum kooda varatta?
HE: Enga?
SHE: USkku
HE: Innum 2 months thaan da, apparam nee koodavey irukkalam
HE: Be happy da, all that matters to me is your happiness.
SHE: Hmmm, ya, am happy, you also be happy.Good luck and happy journey

My dear HE, you precisely know what to say especially at a time when we are away from each other. Dont you?You are the best!


Sriram said...

Mr.He, neenga dhaan saar Best..
Kalaasiteenga yenga She manasai..

Vaazhthukkal and praarthanaigal for ur marriage life to flourish..
All the best

ss said...

thank u so much, this comment means so much to me esp cos its abt my HE. thanks again.

pooja said...

AAwwwww how cute!So HE is not in India now? I am sure this will add a lot of excitement for your D-day.Jut loved the line 'you be happy and all that matters to me is your happiness'. Sounds like such a romantic dialogue in a movie. Touch wood guys!

Clueless said...

Ennama unga LOVESa sollitta ma.Super Super Supero Super. I am sure both of you are lucky to have each other.By the BY, where is your HE in the US of A?

ss said...

thank u so much.ya he is not in India now.and mind you, he does always tell me " i am happy if u r happy and all that matters to me is ur happiness"

thanks again.ya he is there.