Monday, October 29, 2007

The last and final warning

Dear elevator guy

I know we have somehow been taking the elevator at the same time in the evening everyday for the past couple of weeks and that makes us...lift mates? may be?

I get off at the ground floor to take the shuttle bus, while I assume you take the elevator just to drop me..cos I havent seen you getting out of the elevator at the ground floor.Now before this starts to sound like a Bollywood romance in a lift, let me move on and clarify a few things.

Now, about our meeting which has been regularly happening for the past 2 weeks in the elevator-is by itself no big deal and nothing great. I just dont understand how an elevator can be this slow and this gives you all the time and excuse to stare at me. I am sure by now, you must be grasping why I am writing this letter.DONOT stare at me. I know people generally like to look/ observe others.Its fine, but your ogling, eye popping unbashed stare is uncalled for and hihgly irritating. And for Gods' sake, why do you ahve to continue staring till the moment I step out of the lift? I would rather appreciate discreet stares than something like your unwarranted and unfair stares which stays till the moment I step out of the elevator.

A random one -off act on the road or elsewhere is totally fine with me, but indulging in it every single day gets on my nerves.It is simply not happening.I cannot be continuing to ignore this for a long time unlike what I did the first 2 days of this irritating behaviour of yours.I did ignore the first two days, then stared back at you the third day you did it, thinking you would understand. I thought me realising about your ogling and staring back would embarass you, but I guess the weekend gave you a chance to get over the embarassment and here we are again on a bright Monday morning with you, staring away to glory.

By now, you should be aware of my features better than I would be.So here I give you three options.Its upto you to take them or face the wrath from me. The crux is I dont appreciate you appreciating(???) me or my beauty (???)
1.Stop that nasty behaviour or get to hear some cuss words from me. You know, I enjoy talking that ways.
2.This is my last and final civil warning and you better stop , else I would not mind planting a slap on you.
3. Get hold of another subject- if at all you would find a willing taker who loves to be stared at and just leave me alone.

So calm, peace!!!I do not want violence.Better behave and dont tell me I didnt warn you.


clueless said...

Yean ma unakku intha kobam? Vechu antha aala vaangitta.Jokes apart, I know it is frustrating when some stranger keeps staring and that too quite often.My suggestion- why don't you avoid the lift?Or tell him right on his face that you would complaint to some official at office.

Talking about the post, your command of language has improved tremendously.It was a complete post.Great

Amisha said...

enga kudutha warning nerulaye kudu.. enna pannalum entha mathiri aalunga thiruntha mattanunga....

pooja said...

Trust me, I have had numerous experiences like this when in a bus,train and auto. Now you had it in an elevator.I totally completely agree to all your points here in the post. I cant askf or more, you have just written my mind here.I donot mind a stare when it is done in an un noticeable way, but ogliging is highly condemned.I need my privacy and am very possesive of it.Great post and am starting to feel so so similar with you

ss said...

I have more or less given him a stern warning. and havent seen hima round the last couple of days

bus train and autos? hmm..there wud b infinite things to talk abt then...M sure every0ne is possessive of their privacy. somehow, ogling gets on my nerves..and abt u feeling so smilar with its my turn to say I CANT ASK FOR MORE. thank u so much for all the concern/ appreciation u show

Sriram said...

paavam baa avaru.. kannu irukku paakkaraan.. nee lift laendhu irangi pona udanae aduthu vara akka vaa paappaan.. ivanungalai nee inga poattu galeej panradhukku, naeraa moonjila adichu kizhi..

siddhart said...

hey.. do u think this letter will reach that guy... try putting it in your intranet.. y do you waste ur blog for this.. neyways good one...

ss said...

ya, i gave him a personal warning too. he is out of my way now. this post was for the sake of blogging.

no, this letter will not reach him. but i wanted to vent my feelings here at my blog and hence this post and hence i dont see it as a waste, and moreover this is my personal space and i can rite wat i want to illaya> athaan.

Arabinda said...

Now that I see this is a pretty old post, so my question would be what did you do, did you slap that hapless guy or what?

My solution would have been to ask the guy to stop staring when there are couple of more persons in the lift. When somebody delays reacting in this situation, the culprit only gets more confident.

ss said...

i did not te;l him anything initially, but i did stare bakc at him. No results..and finally i did we ( another colleague of mine) complained to the officer incharge and he was warned.