Monday, October 8, 2007


I am forever amazed by the kind of things that people think up to forward both on SMS and emails.

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team are the true followers of Abdul Kalam: after all, they are the ones who made India a super power in 20-20.
  • Pakistan’s Misbah-ul-Haq thought he was sending the ball to no-man’s land. But he did not know that there is a malayalee in every corner of the world.

These two SMSes made rounds big time 2 weeks ago. And, I got this one today morning:

Vaakiyathai Maatri Amaikkavum:

  • Vaasanai roja vaadi pogalama?

Answer: Va Saroja odi pogalama?

Manytimes, these SMSes have too many needless capital letters and flippant spelling for any word that could be mispelt.

Another thing that irks me so much is people sending SMSes as messages to be run as creepy scrolls on music channels, whose comperers speak a language that would in comparison make SMSes worthy of Nobel Prize for literature.How crappy it is to send a SMS to someone through a music channel? It is like writing a love letter addressing it “to whomsoever it may concern”

I very often see messages like I love my wife/ husband in the music channel. Something typically like :Murali: I love my wife

I don’t know who this Murali is, but if any of you know this guy, please take him to the nearest psychiatrist. I think it’s a terminal case in need of immediate attention. Why would a guy send a message to a music channel professing his love to his wife, who I presume should be sitting right next to him? Or even if the said wife is not sitting next to him, shouldn’t he be sending his love message to his wife’s mobile than to the music channel? Its so crappy, scary and daunting. Who among the million population is Murali telling that he loves his wife? And why through the music channel?

GOD knows what! But if you know this Murali, or happen to speak to him or see him, please tell him thanks on my behalf for loving his wife. We womenfolk are truly saved!


pooja said...

Lol! at what you have written.These messages which appear in the tv channels are so irritating. Real silly things like I love my wife, daughter, please dont be angry etc etc.It will be better if they exchange their love messages between their mobiles rather than in these music channels.Great post.Funny it is

Albert Einstein said...

I also forwarded those first two messages :-).

I always thought if that Murali, would have ever said that LOVE YOU to his wife in person :-). But all said and done, it is an amazing way to earn money for those music channels.

Excellent blog once again!!!

ss said...

actually yes, i have also seen i love my daughter messages. donno who in the world r they professing their love to

i received the same sms atleast 3 times from a few other frnds wat ways do the music channels earn money thru these msgs? i thot the mobile service providers will make money big time, and am really not aware that tv channels also make money out of it. is it so?

sudha said...

These kind a messages are very irritating.Especially the ones in sun music. I dont know why they have to resort to such ways of getting to hook the viewers.Well said re.

Clueless said...

Aamazing post
Was laughing my guts out at
"va saroja odi pogalama"
Its amazing to see how creative people can get.
And as you have said, its totally irritating to send love messages in music channels. I always laugh at such messages which talks like dont leave me nisha, bujji kutty, chellam. Why make your private talks public ?

ss said...

hook the viewers? i donno..i hate it, many times i have changed the channel simply cos the so called smses were irritating.

I too was laughing hard at the vasanai roja vaadi pogalama.i have also wondered why they resort to professing their love in public

Sriram said...

Hahaha very much enjoyable.. yepdi nee ipdi laam yosikkara.. amazing.. jus too good..
Andha tv la vara love msgs laam paatthuttu naan ninaikkaradhu yenna naa " indha maadhri mokka pasangalukku kooda amayudhae..:D"
hahaha wat to do..

Albert Einstein said...

With what i heard, these SMS are charged at premium rate and there is a share between the mobile service provider and the associate party (TV Channels) in this case :-)

ss said...

not to worry, u wud get ur chance too.

thanks for that info, i never knew it.

smyLeMaKEr said...

oh, cmon ede...
its jus how ppl are!
There is as much nonsense in expressing love in public as much there is sense in expressing love in private!

If the question "Why should Murali express his love for his wife on TV?" is 'sensible', so is the question "Why at all should Murali express his love for his wife?"

As long as it doesnt pinch public life, I guess such nuisances are fine! Oh yeah, they R nuisances but 'seri seri... irundhuttu pogattum', hehe!

ss said...

thats how ppl r, such msgs kind of irk me so much and way too embarassing at times.irunthuttu pogattumnu ennala irukka i change the channel wenever i find it disturbing or irritating

MMC said...

The answer to 'why should he send the msg to a music channel?' is very simple, IMHO...just coz he wants everyone to know he loves his wife!! Besides, in India, public display of love is still looked down, it's a win-win situation for all when one sends msgs thru channels.....

MMC said...
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Amisha said...

funny post but a good one too

ss said...

oh ya, i undstand wat u say. but somehow its a put off to see smses in a music channel.

thank u

siddhart said...

ha ha... that was really funny.. even i don like such stuff.. but one of my friends says that its like going to the balcony of your house and crying out "my wife is the best" or something like that in "jillunu oru kadhal" style..

ANyWaYs OPiNioNs DifFEr(Reminds you of some your crapy sms..??)

Arabinda said...

I don't think I'll send an sms over a public media. At the same time probably these kind of messages over tv or a public media won't bother me, because I'll just ignore them or laugh at the funny ones. I've to disagree with most here that it is such a bad idea. (again it is just my opinion) I think if someone tries to express love in any way, it is still a good gesture. And how will you know who is Murali by the way? So the real Murali and his thoughts will always remain anonymous.

If someone says "Arabinda! I love you, or Arabinda! I miss you" over a message on tv, I would be glad that somebody cared and took some time off to really do something, however small it might be.

ss said...

i like public display of affection. but these smses in a music channel is kind of irritating.Have u seent he shows in MTV or V channel? where they read out special msgs and lettersand also play a song which they ask for> i like that, but smses continuously running on the screen that too with pet names like " i love u bujju" a big NONO for me.

Arabinda said...

I think I remember seeing those prgrammes, but somehow it never bothered me too much, because now when I read your article I realized I just never paid any attention to them.