Thursday, May 31, 2007

The 1970's & 1980's

Was just wondering how it would be if we were living in the 1970's or the 1980's.

I would walk with my head bowed
Would wear a paavadai dhaavani
Oil my hair everyday, and plait my hair with tons of flowers
Wud goto school/ college by city bus
Spend just 50paise of the rs 3 pocket money given
Goto a girls only college
Shun at seeing a guy or avoid talking to a guy
Play paandi , daayakattai, paramapatham, pallankuzhi
Listen to songs on the radio
Watch "oliyum oliyum" in pakkathu aathu mami t.v.
Amma wud give a call for dinner- with "mor sadham", vetha kuzhambu and sutta appalaam"
And systematically goto sleep by 9 in the night

Addition to all these, would be a "samathu ponnu" by helping amma with drawing kolam, grating coconut,making a garland of flowers and the like.. Oh this must be fun too.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Battle with a Lizard

I have always had a fear for lizards. More than its appearance, I have always been scared of a lizard falling over me.Strange enough!And now that I stay alone, I should say am petrified everytime I see a lizard at home.I take such extra care and precautions that no lizard enters my home


Had to battle ( ya atleast in my case, its a battle) with a lizard yesterday night.Hapenned to come out of my room to drink some water in the midnight around 12.15a.m. I saw a lizard on the ceiling.Inspite of being sleepy, I decided to give up sleep and to chase this lizard out of my home.Immediately, sprayed some HIT ( mosquito/ insect repellent) on the lizard.I waited for the lizard to get drowsy, but I for sure was getting suffocated.The lizard did not move, so I threw a broomstick on to the ceiling and the lizard fell down..I opened my door, widnows ( ya at arnd 12.30midnight) so that the lizard could find its way out of my home.And there again, I am a little afraid of opening my door at midnight. But the lizard went into the broomstick and there I was dumbstruck , wondering how would I find out this lizard inside the broomstick.Picking up some courage and at the same time wonderign what if it jumps/ falls over me, I took the brromstick in hand and shook it firm. Oh, the lizard fell down and cropped into the pooja room cupboard. I defnitely did not want this to happen for the simple reason that the pooja room cupboard is pretty small and compact and it is indeed difficult to trace a lizard inside that.I try finding it inside, but in vain. Sweating profusely,I decide to give up and close all the opened doors and windows. When I came back to switch off the lights, I saw the same lizard wriggling on the floor.I am so happy by now, I thank god cos the lizard is out of the compact pooja room and now I can chase it again. I again open all the doors and windows, get the broomstick and sweep it out of my house.It fell down on the steps. I am still NOT relieved now. What if it finds the way to my door again? I go near the steps, further sweep it far away from the steps..until it went out of my sight.I breathe easy and say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and lock all doors and windows and come back to sleep.By then, it was 1.00 a.m.I did not mind missing my sleep for about an hour, afterall, I managed to battle with a lizard and chase it away too! I AM A HAPPY PERSON.

Ps: When I narrated this incident to my amma, and my wudbe MIL,they just wondered if am allrite and why I need to miss my sleep and chase a lizard.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007




I say I will start dietting from today- no oily food, and only fruits for the dinner, BUT let me have this cake please

I pledge I will exercise from today, AND catch an auto to go the railway station

I decide to join some swimming./ badminton class , AND postone the idea of joining to one more week

I promise myself to take better care of my skin, AND sleep with my eyeliner on

I vow to watch less television, BUT let me watch this one serial..after all one right?

I will be an early riser no matter what from today, BUT please let me sleep for 5 more minutes

I decide to do a bit of cleaning work everyday, BUT keep them piling for the weekend.

Now the saying "do not put off till tomorrow, what you can possibly do the day after" is a real bouncer to me!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Vegetable Biriyani

I had the sudden urge to make vegetable biriyani
Surfed the web for some interesting recipes of the biriyani
Finally, called amma and asked her
Sooooo excited about cooking biriyani
Even soaked the raw rice in water for half an hour so that the biryani turns out all fluffy
Fried onions, beans, carrots, beetroots, potatoes
Added some fresh peas too
Then tossed in everything with the soaked rice , mixed it well

umm smells going to love this one!"_ I said to myself

Cant really wait for it to cook-I am always impatient when it comes to waiting for the food to eat
Transferred the tossed vegetables and rice to the pressure cooker and added water
Fried some cashews and raisins in ghee ( ya, high calories, but never mind) to be added in the end
I wait impatinetly for the biriyani to cook
Fortunately, I was chatting with Sid and that helped me patiently wait for the biriyani to be cooked
After about 15 minutes, I realised with a startle that...

I indeed forgot to add SALT.

Ps: I did add the salt later on....and I did enjoy the biriyani to the core.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hostel Life

4 different ppl from 4 different states, chit chatting all the time, making fun and pulling each other all the time, combined studies and ending up not studying a word, cooking MAGGI at wee hours like 2 a.m., chattin away to glory till 3 a.m, silly jokes, silly laughter, gossips, movies, music on the laptop,..finally decide to go to bed and think" Ok, I will surely get up early from tomorrow and study well". Then you hear some one crying softly, some tears, talks about relationships, boy friends, advice like " guys tend to be that way" and a few more advice and pep talk like ' you are a nice girl, good things will come your way"..a hug from your room mate for all these, see smiles everywhere, finally decide to sleep.." Ok, lets sleep re"

How much I hated to be away from Home, but...I loved it and lived this hostel life for 2 years in PUNE and I wish those days never ended!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Where am I heading?

I have always had a liking ( should I say much more than that) for DAIRY MILK..and I have been controlling this liking for quite a while..
I have had 3 big dairy milk chocolate each day- the last 3 days and I crave for more..

Oh where am I heading?

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Reached home around 7.15 p.m. yest.Removed my slippers and put them on the rack and appa squealed with delight. Before I asked him anything, he said " Sabaash, very good ! very good!!!
I was totally lost, suprised and was wondering why appa had to give forth a loud shrill like this..( he is never too excited for anything in this world)

Did I get some offer letter from some company? -no thats not possible without my knowledge!

Did I win some lucky draw from Chennai Silks??? - clues..may be..!!

Was appa trying to be sarcastic on seeing my Airtel phone bill? ( ayyo..I wish its not that ways...)

Or did appa suddenly realise that I am infact a good, obedient, dutiful girl/ daughter ? ( How I wishhhhhhhh)

While my brain was processing all possible things and mentally trying various permutations and combinations, Appa remained really pleased.

Allrite, let me ask him what really happened and why he got so excited ..and so I ask him appa ennachu ( meaning wat happened)

Appa with a smile " you have placed your slippers on the rack rightly for the first time". this what that made appa squeal?

I hear a thud then..

I turn back to see what has happened..One of my slipper had fallen off the rack..!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Foul Mood

Hmm. there are quite a few things that cud cause a mood swing or may push one into a foul mood.These neednt be generally happening to everyone, but ya, they do happen somtimes.And they could be a hangover of an incident that happened the previous day.
Now thats wat happened with me atleast!
The series started with a discussion/ argument/ fight/ difference of opinion ( name it anything u want to) with SID the previous night...allright, i thought am goin to have a nice day the next morning.Oh!I was wrong. I woke up with a bad headache( it sucks to have a headache in the mornings), found out that my clothes werent pressed, and as a result got delayed, miss the train to office, later somehow manage to reach office , hurrying to the seat and trying to log in only to find that the system gets locked due to incorrect entering of password repeatedly, then get the system unlocked with the systems guy's help and I try to take a breath. sorry..I get a call from my boss with he dictating something over the fone and asking me to make some notes..and its precisely the same moment, that I find my pen doesnt write and that it needs a REFILL!
I make up my mind to get working and .... I get a call..and oh ya its from SID. I think its a call for a patch up, but no, its something else totally!Forget it!
I dont know what to do...Wat do I do with all these happening on the same day? I sit n BLOG..ya thats right!

Ps: Is it that my day was like this cos I fought the previous day?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The change...

Pattu sarees, the latest designs, color combinations, neela borders, agala borders, mayil kazhuthu veshtis, gold ornaments (how much i hated them before), kal valayal, kolusu,neli mothiram,malligai poo etc etc.. - I have started liking these and am appreciating them than ever before.

Oh ya, I am getting married in just a month's time!!