Wednesday, May 23, 2007




I say I will start dietting from today- no oily food, and only fruits for the dinner, BUT let me have this cake please

I pledge I will exercise from today, AND catch an auto to go the railway station

I decide to join some swimming./ badminton class , AND postone the idea of joining to one more week

I promise myself to take better care of my skin, AND sleep with my eyeliner on

I vow to watch less television, BUT let me watch this one serial..after all one right?

I will be an early riser no matter what from today, BUT please let me sleep for 5 more minutes

I decide to do a bit of cleaning work everyday, BUT keep them piling for the weekend.

Now the saying "do not put off till tomorrow, what you can possibly do the day after" is a real bouncer to me!


sudha said... comment or not to comment..well i wont stop der!! well here my comment goes first as usual ...nice post sweetie ...keep riting !!!

Anonymous said...

Well , its important to start ,to take that first step and once u r thru it things start falling in place . So go on and take the first step.


sudha said...

hey missed out to rite these
1.never to goto canteen, but we end up hogging there regularly, but dont stick on to the plan

Narayanan said...

dieting, TV paakama irukkardhu, seekrama ezhundhirikkardhu idhellam maha paavam. especially the first and last one do, ummachi will become very angry :)

For the middle one, TV vechukkadheenga (atleast for a year or 2). After a while you might have something else thats occupying your time other than TV. Now bring the TV you might find yourself watching selected programs.

ss said...

@ narayan
dietting is the most tuffest thing i wud say, esp for a foodie like me.Tv, ya i am kind of dis-associating myself with it.

clueless said...

Do you recollect our trip to monginis every day just to have the choco mousse? bliss!

ss said...

oh ya nothin can ever beat monginis ka taste. yum..i miss the chocolate mousse..oh am dietting..let me stop here