Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There is no better sight

than watching the little sapling you planted a month ago bloom into its fullest.

It is short, stumpy, sensitive, temperamental, almost exactly like a newborn.The plant will grow slowly, steadily like a growing child and I will cherish it with all my heart.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Call me weird

We had a very funny situation at home today. One of our friend who had come home to visit us, happened to fart err...a little louder. My 4yo niece who kept asking the visitor - uncle poo poo? had us in splits.That set me thinking of the type of farts that one could possibly try depending on the place/situation he/ she is in.

1.The bullet fart:It sounds like a bullet bike engine which is started.It is sure to startle the people around.So you could possibly attempt it to scare people away from you

2.The concealed fart:The name says it all. You are with people around and all you need to do is push your b**t down into the seat you are sitting and ease out the fart very carefully. You could bet noone would know you did it.But yes, sometimes, the odor shows the culprit.Its quite the common type of farting

3.The rocket fart:Its a single shot fart and sounds like a rocket that goes into the sky.

4.The attention diverting fart:Sometimes, you cough, sneeze and fart -all at the same time.Since you get to do more than one thing at a time, you could easily divert the other persons attention from your fart.

5.The relief fart:This is very common amongst old people. They fart and give away an expression like " oh god, finally, its out""what a relief"

6.The musical fart:Funny kind of ring tones like "tup", "tada tup". "tuussss" contribute to the musical fart

7.The no effect fart:The fart that comes out without a sound or odor.You could still be talking as normally as you were and continue to do whatever you were doing without any interruption

8.The funny face fart:You fart and also have a funny face and a sheepish smile that so shows you are the one

9.The rotten fart:It exactly smells like a rotten vegetable or a rotten egg.People just flee away from you.

10.The no one noticed me fart:You fart, it stinks, you turn around and see that no one is around there, you heave a sigh of relief saying "thank god, no one noticed me".You immediately move away from that place.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nose Cut

She is away from her husband for more than 3 weeks.Is all excited to see He.

She has a make over with new haircut-with layers and all

She dresses up to her best and is all geared to welcome He at the airport

She wants to surprise He with the haircut and is eager to listen to what He has to say

He comes,She squeals a hi

He doesnt even notice the haircut

Finally She looses patience and asks He "how is my haircut"?

He casually says, ya its good and gives a 7/10 much for asking about my new haircut!!!