Tuesday, January 27, 2009


She & He in a discussion at home after the guests are gone:

SHE: Everyone loved the food we served.

HE: But the 'bajji' and 'sambar' I made won against your 'morkuzhambu' and 'aviyal'

SHE: Romba alattikatha..from now on, you can do all the cooking whenever we have guests.

HE: Appo nee ennathaan pannuva?

SHE: You do the cooking, I will take all the complement saying I cooked.

HE: ^%$$#@&!##&*??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To the greatest guy I married

A stranger whom I bumped onto in rediff chat room
Just a Hi, hello and what you do kinda talk
You ask me when my birthday is
which I happily tell you
I then ask you the same question
when you tell me the same birth date as mine
I think- oh what a rogue you must be
to say the same birth date as mine.
I ridicule and we rarely mail each other
A couple of months later, I get an e card from you promptly wishing me on my bday
The card read" I am celebrating this day just for you, how about you?"
I cry out of happiness, out of the feeling I ridiculed you
and afterall, you only told me the truth.
Yes baby, we share the same bday.
Frequency of mails increase,we talk a lot
and then suddenly you go off to Singapore
I get mad if I dont receive a mail from you
and cant forget the numerous times I logged onto yahoomail
to check if theres a mail from you
I started missing you if there wasnt a mail from you
You felt the same
You proposed,I fought with you for 4 days
ridiculing how you could love someone whom you havent met yet
I give up finally and accept your proposal.
Life is never the same since then.

7 years of knowing you, 1 year of living with you,They have been the best in my life.Knowing you has broadened my horizon and I love everything about us.Look what you got with me for a wife- lots of bills to pay for the rest of your life, drop offs at the beauty parlour, and gym,errands to run, dresses to zip, household chores, my changing moods, sometimes strang,e exotic foods..but through it all, good times and bad,You have been the best husband a girl ever had. I thank all the stars for having you in my life, You are the best that I can ask for.Love you so much.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Cold weather
Me cuddled inside the comforter.
Not wanting to wake up anytime now
I continue sleeping.
Trouble comes in the form of my little niece
who is sent by my dear husband to wake me up.
I beg and plead for just 2 mintutes of precious sleep
to which my niece agreed.
Thinking that the trouble , ooppss my niece would go away
I pull the comforter back and close my eyes.
And to my horror, hear my niece sitting by my bed
and loudly counting up to the 2 minutes gracious time.

These kids I say...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its that time of the year

when one year shuts down and the other is waiting to be born. Looking back, its been so eventful for me.I got married to TH- my long time boyfriend, we started living together, we started blending as a family.I so look forward to the coming year.For now, I leave the past and step into the unknown new year knowing it will the best for me and my family.