Tuesday, January 27, 2009


She & He in a discussion at home after the guests are gone:

SHE: Everyone loved the food we served.

HE: But the 'bajji' and 'sambar' I made won against your 'morkuzhambu' and 'aviyal'

SHE: Romba alattikatha..from now on, you can do all the cooking whenever we have guests.

HE: Appo nee ennathaan pannuva?

SHE: You do the cooking, I will take all the complement saying I cooked.

HE: ^%$$#@&!##&*??


clueless said...

Appdi podu. Yean ma HE mela ivlo kovam poramai?Poor HE.


bajji, sambhar, morkuzhambu, aviyal - the blog has made my mouth water

ss said...

kovama? I am letting him cook to his wish. isnt that great of me?
* runs to hide before clueless hits her with something*


pooja said...

Woohoo HE SHE posts are back.

pooja said...

I swear the mere mention of all the food items made my mouth water.

gayathri said...

good idea......

ss said...

so I am gud at temptin u all towards food haan?

seriya sonneenga

Albert Einstein said...

Enna oru perunthanmai ungalukku. Really enjoyed it :-)

Sanjay said...

Maappu vechutta da aappu

ss said...

naan eppovumey appdi thaan

next time she wud get one. not to worry