Saturday, January 10, 2009


Cold weather
Me cuddled inside the comforter.
Not wanting to wake up anytime now
I continue sleeping.
Trouble comes in the form of my little niece
who is sent by my dear husband to wake me up.
I beg and plead for just 2 mintutes of precious sleep
to which my niece agreed.
Thinking that the trouble , ooppss my niece would go away
I pull the comforter back and close my eyes.
And to my horror, hear my niece sitting by my bed
and loudly counting up to the 2 minutes gracious time.

These kids I say...


pooja said...

Aww poor you.Kids say/ do the darnest things which are always cute.

clueless said...

Haha. Sundays sleep is the best.Waking up early , having a late breakfast, not bathing immediately -can happen only on Sundays

ss said...

no doubts on that

staap it I say.Its not happened to me for quite some time. dont make me J

Sanjay said...

LOL!My bro used to do it to me, irritate the hell outta me and have fun.I once even used his toothbrush on the washbasin and took sweet revenge.

aZoed said...

m in Shimla... it seems like we'd b seeing some snow soon.. and all I wanna do is cuddle up into my quilt wid some nice,m piping hot coffee and a good read.. ur blog i.e. :)

satish said...

but but u shd not be sleeping during afternoon Subha..see our TH, he is very much awake and active..and u blame the kid for waking you up..these blog owners i say :D :P

ss said...

toothbrush ? toclean washbasin? poor bro.

thanks for dropping by my blog. I am honoured by your kind words

aarambichuttiya? enga da konja naala aaley illannu nenachen..sunday kooda thoongalanna eppdi?