Wednesday, July 30, 2008


IHS series

:I am going on a 2 day trip to Bombay to attend a seminar.

SHE: Oh, how can I stay all alone?I would be so bored.

HE: Why don't you ask your friend "K" to come and stay with you in our home when I am away? That ways, you won't be bored too.

SHE: Ok, ok, that sounds good. I shall call her.

He comes back from tour and sees She has survived 2 days without He.She tells he about how "K"s presence helped her survive the days without He.

After 3 months,

SHE: How will you manage a week without me when I go for the training next week?

HE: You remember, "K" was so friendly and gave you good company in my absence. So can we ask "K" to come and stay when you are gone for the training?

SHE: %&#*$$$$**&^%^

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


He walked out of the temple and to his shock, his slippers are missing.It was a feeling of being cheated.Then came denial.No not to me. Oh why me? Then some anger, he had just spent some money on the repair of those slippers. He then thought he got rid of the torn slippers.He started looking out for a pair of 'decent' slippers which would fit him from amongst the many left outside the temple.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too early

My little 4 year old niece (4yn) is here for her vaccation.She has been entertaining all of us with whatever she says / does. One such conversation.....

4yn looking at my chain: Chithi, is this chain yours?

Me: Yes baby

4yn: My mommy has one.

Me: Ya, you are right.

4yn: My paati has one.

Me: Ya.

4yn: I want one too.

I was quite under a shock because the chain is the "mangalsutra".Just wondering...why do you want to fall into the pit so early baby?

Friday, July 18, 2008

What have you got?

With all the price soaring, job cutting scenario, what would be the conversation between a Gen Next IT guy and a Non IT guy

One such fictional conversation...

Gen Next IT guy : Car EMI=6000, Home EMI= 45000 , Savings for MS course= 8000

Non IT guy : Bank loans, diwali bonus

Gen Next IT guy: I have a 3BHK flat, car and plans for MS in one of the top notch Universities in U.S.A. What about you?

Non IT guy: I have mental peace, happiness, and I lead a tension free life.

Ps: No offense meant to anyone.This is a purely fictional work.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


IHS Series

HE: Boohoo weekend is coming to an end.Back to office tomorrow :(

SHE: Hmm.. everybody seem to be bragging about what they did during the weekend

HE: How did you like the weekend?

SHE: Weekend was superb!

HE: Superb? We went on a long trip just for one day, we were at home for the rest of the two days.What was the exciting part in staying at home?

SHE: Because, you cooked, cleaned and did all the work at home while I just lazed around.

HE: $$**%%##???