Tuesday, July 8, 2008


IHS Series

HE: Boohoo weekend is coming to an end.Back to office tomorrow :(

SHE: Hmm.. everybody seem to be bragging about what they did during the weekend

HE: How did you like the weekend?

SHE: Weekend was superb!

HE: Superb? We went on a long trip just for one day, we were at home for the rest of the two days.What was the exciting part in staying at home?

SHE: Because, you cooked, cleaned and did all the work at home while I just lazed around.

HE: $$**%%##???


Sanjay said...

Haha!Man I love this series. They rock.


Poor HE

ss said...

so not me huh?

sometimes poor HE and sometimes poor SHE

pooja said...

LOL! It is indeed nice to sit back lazing around while the other ault does all the work.

Sanjay said...

oh you 2.The blog and the owner of this blog-they rock!

satish said...

looks like "She" is getting pampered a lot by "He" and "He" is in-turn bossed around by "She", all in support of "He" here please raise their hand :D

ss said...

yep it is!

now thats my friend

the winds blow in both directions.

satish said...

lol Subha that i know of but then in ur blog it seems that the wind is blowing only in "She's" direction..so in that context my comment holds true, aint it? :D

ss said...

hmm.not really, one time HE gets snubbed and one tine HE gets snubbed. this time it was poor HE.nee vera, veetlayum ithey thaan