Monday, June 30, 2008

Minimal posts

More people at home - check

Little niece running around the home and driving all of us nuts- check

Good food - check

Sweets and savouries from India- check

Chit chatting about family members- check

Getting pampered royally- check

Visiting places - check

Yippie...parents are here and good times ahead.


pooja said...

Good times ahead indeed!Have a jolly time with your folks.Allright, the most important thing now- keep posting as ever even when you are busy.

Sanjay said...

Been refreshing your page for a few days now. Alas!I am sure you are having a ball of a time there with your parents. Have fun, but do post once in a while

ss said...

yes yes, will post as n wen i can

clueless said...

My comments are not getting through :(

ss said...

it did get thru now :)