Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Noothukku Nooru

Sachin Tendulkar has many of these to his credit

Any Rajinikanth movie easily passes through a triple of this

Securing this marks in a Maths paper is associated with brilliance

Now, I have done it my own way. My 100th post.

Here's to many more....


Sanjay said...

Congratulations and keep it going. Wishing the blog a long life.So wheres the party?

clueless said...

Ada ada ada enna oru build up, enna oru suspense.Super po.Congrats.Keep entertaining us


very well done and keep up the momentum

ss said...

thanks. party? come to my place and we shall.

ethayumey oru buildupoda sonna thaan makkal rasippanga.intha dialogue engayo ketta mathiri irukkumey?

thanks and that was much needed.thank u so much

satish said...

suber awesome weightu chance eh ille tharu maru..hehe indhe paratu podhuma innum konjam venuma :D anyway really appreciate ur enthu in keeping ur blog "on the toes" and all ur posts have been a treat to read :)

ss said...

en bloga vida un comment super. Thanks a lot for those nice words. They mean a lot to me.

pooja said...

Congratulations on the century.I was actually tracking the posts number, but I got lost somewhere.Reading your blog has been a wonderful ride.Heres to many more centuries in your blog.

Albert Einstein said...

Hey. Thats amazing. Time to celebrate. (comparision with super star is amazing)

ss said...


ya i know, rajininu menation pannitale en blog moksham adancha mathiri.