Monday, March 31, 2008

You are going to U.S.A.

If you are recently married and you are moving to U.S.A.along with your husband, this is what you can expect:

AMMA: udamba paathukko ( take care of your health), nalla healthy fooda saapdu( eat healthy food).Avarayum nanna paathukko ( take care of your husband).

APPA: anga poittu settle aagittu ethavathu padikka try pannu. chumma ukkarathey ( after settling down there, study something and dont be idle).

AKKA: seekiram vadi.( Come soon) Cant wait to see you . We will meet there.

Well pretty expected and straight right?These are fine, but that ain't all.There are more...

1. People will express condolences because you will not be eating rice, sambar frequently.

2.There will be a volley of questions like " do you know to cook? else, you have to adjust with pastas, sandwiches".

3.Puli, (tamarind), vadam ( crispie which needs to be fried in oil), oorkai ( pickle) sambar podi, rasam podi ellam eduthundurukkiyo? ( have you taken sambar and rasam powder?)

4.Some of your friends will say " nalla enjoy pannu di, ippo vitta vera chancey kedaikkathu"( enjoy now, you wont get this back later)

5. Some old thathas will ask you " enga irukka porel? ( where are you going to be located in US?)and when you tell them the place, they go like " oh anga thaan naan 1950la oru velai vishayama ponen ( I was there in 1950s).Ennoda office 15 miles thalli irunthuthu ( my office was 15 miles away from my home) etc etc..and bore you with stories .

6. Your fond relatives will tell you " avara nanna paathukko, anusarichu nadanthukko ( take care of your husband and learn to adjust), dont hurry up and plan for a kid a year later.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Some imaginary he- she series.

She: Hey, I met my friend 'P' today.

He: Enna sollra unnoda friend?

She: She says her husband cooks really well.

He: Oh, nallathu.

She: Enna nallathu? Naanum athirshtasali thaannu ava kitta prove panna vendaama, athaan, I have invited them for dinner tomorrow.Nee nalaikku officela irunthu seekiram vanthu samachu vechudu.

He: ???##$$$$$!!#@##

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An ode to the mamis

Place: A residential community in Chennai
Scene:-Vegetable vendor(Vv) on the street shouting "kathrikka, vendaikka"

Mami 1(M1) comes out of her house to buy some vegetables.

M1: Yennappa kathrikka enna velai?

Vv:Kilo 12 roobai mami

M1:Ennappa nee nekkum sethu velaya sollara?

Vv: Ellamey velai yeri pochu mami

Meantime Mami 2( M2) joins the conversation

M2:Yenna mami eppdi irukkel? Aathula ellarum sowkiyama?Ungala paathey oru vaaram aaradhu.

M1:Aamam mami, orey busy ayiduthu. Velai kai ozhiyavey illai.Pona vaaram ivaroda anna payyanum maatu poonnum inga vanthuruntha. Avaalukku therinjava moolama namma Madhavanukku oru varan vanthurukku, athaan ponna poi paakalameynu ponom.

M2:Oh, ponnu entha edam? Avaa eppdi pattava?

M1:Ponnu west mambalam. Ava appa Indian Overseas bankla managera irukkar. Mami house wife.Orey ponnu, pikkal pidungal kedayathu.Nalla manushaala theriyara.

M2: Ponnu pakka eppdi irukka? Nichayam pannitela?

M1: Ponnu MCA padichutu software companyla vela pakkara mami. Maa nerama irukka, nanna kalaiya irukka.Mariyathaya pesina.Nichayam pannalai. Madhavan paathu sarinnu sonna, nichayam panniduvom.

M2:Appo Madhavan India varaana?

M1: Illai mami,antha ponnu adutha maasam velai vishayama Chicago pora.Appo Madhavanum avalum anga paathuppa. Intha kaalathula enga mami udaney nichayam panna mudiyarathu?

M2: Atha chollungo mami.Kuzhandaigal pathu, phonela pesindey irukkukal.Namma ellam photo kooda paathurukka maatom.Etho periyava sollaraleynu thalai aatinom.Ithugal appdi illaye. Pothathaukku cinema ginema vera.Inha kaalathu pongalum ithu venum athu venumnu na irukka.

M1:Ennamo mami, namma kaila enna irukku. Ellam baghavan prabtham. Nanum Madhavan kitta sollitten, itho paaruda nee paathu pidichuruntha sollu, udaney nichayam pannidalam.Avaa thaane senthu vaazha pora. Athugal santhoshama irukkanumey.

M2:Appo koodiya seekiram unga aathula nalla kariyam nadakka porathunnu sollungo.

M1:Paakalam mami, yaarukku theriyum baghavan yaarukku enna ezhuthi irukkarnu. Seri mami, naan kelambaren. Pottadha potta padi vanthurukken.

M2: Sari mami. Saayangalam kovila paakalam.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yesterday's Special

We completed 2 months of blissful married life yesterday!And we need to mark the occasion with something special. THE OUTCOME...

Like they say, the way to a man's heart ....

Ps: First month anniversary was duly celebrated with carrot halwa ,and this time a simple plain vannila cake.

Pps: Decoration courtesy- HE

Thursday, March 20, 2008

How to popularise a blog?

Best publicity in life is free.Why not use it for popularising one's blog?Just a few wierd thoughts on it.

1.Sign in your email with the blog url rather than your actual signature.

2.Get the blog url printed on the t shirt and wear that t shirt often.

3.Scribble the blog url on the walls in the house, so that visitors are forced to note the point that you blog.

4.Probably, name the child with the blog url.

5.Always have the customised status message in any messenger with your blog url.

6.Use your friend's laptop , leave your blog page opened and hand it over back to your friend as if you didn't know that you have left it opened.

7.When getting hold of a notebook or a paper, scribble your blog url rather than your name.

8.Prepare handouts with the blog url. Roam around in some malls and stick the handouts in the public restrooms.

Any more???

Friday, March 14, 2008

The good & the bad

of coming to U.S.A.

Being at a new place, a new country -check
Visit places -check
Eat fried icecream -check
Watch snow fall -check
Dirt free ( read carpetted) floors -check
Dry bathrooms -check
Luxury of heating the frozen food -check
Torture the husband by exploring new recipes -check

Hair loss, and take a bald avatar - check
Having all the time to kill and get addicted to playing games - check
Cook and eat self cooked food - check
Just two souls at home - check
He sleeping away to glory on dot 10 , while She still struggles to catch some sleep - check
No paalkaran, keeraikaari coming to your doorstep - check

C'est la vie!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Before I become one...

Before my dearest husband calls me fatty
chunky or alternatively chubby .....

I am not old and still have my wits
I need to do this before my body falls into bits.

Sometimes, I just raid the fridge
and get enthralled to see the chocolate fudge.
I happily eat away
every single day.
So I decided to find a way,
to keep the fat demon at bay.

For the above reasons and more, I am hitting the gym regularly now.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Meet her....

A wonderful wife

A perfect home maker

A loving mom

An ever giving & selfless grandmom


and not satisfied with just these, she is

Learning to use internet and send mails

Attends cooking classes to further explore the new recipes


English class to widen her knowledge


and as if all these aren't enough, she plans to

Join swimming

Start a fastfood/healthy food eatout.

Heres to my young Mother in Law.