Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Before I become one...

Before my dearest husband calls me fatty
chunky or alternatively chubby .....

I am not old and still have my wits
I need to do this before my body falls into bits.

Sometimes, I just raid the fridge
and get enthralled to see the chocolate fudge.
I happily eat away
every single day.
So I decided to find a way,
to keep the fat demon at bay.

For the above reasons and more, I am hitting the gym regularly now.


clueless said...

Hilarious one!Gymkku poratha ivlo nalla elutha mudiyuma? Hats off to you lady. Btw, namma HE nalla saaptu thoppai potruppare?

ss said...

thanks.oh i just blowed it up for blogging purposes..he isnt puttin on..though he says he is..but i dont c it.

Sriram said...

haha yenna oru rhyming sense.. super ma..
naan onnu sollavaa, nallaa saapdu, weight podaradhai patthi feel pannaadha.. ippo fudge thingaama yeppo thingaradhu..
idhellaam patthi kavalai padalaamaa??

ss said...

i too feel this way at times, but then knowing myself, if i dont do it now, i will never do it.

clueless said...

Hey just noticed the birthday ticker to your blog. Calls for party time eh? Cool one.

pooja said...

Give me a hi five! I am hitting the gym too.Wot an excellent narration!Way to go

ss said...

i am looking fwd to completing one yr of my blogging.

hi five!i am trying my best to b regular..lets c

a said...

Hey kewl man... Good motivating one... Hehehe. Better I do some workout too... :D

ss said...

hey the last time we spoke u told me u r goin to the gym..arent u? nammala yerkanavey konjam poosina mathiri..ithula vera cheese athu ithunnu..