Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A walk (IHS series)

SHE:Its so nice to take a walk during summer.The weather is nice, its not yet dark..

HE: Ya,you have been wanting to go for a like this.Just your kind of walk!

SHE: Ya,its not just for the walk,we could also talk a lot while walking.

HE: Hmm,we can walk, you can talk to me, while I check mails in my blackberry.

SHE: I know you would cling to your phone for dear life, thats why, I took away the phone from your pocket and left it at home.So, now you can talk too.

HE: %%$$##@@????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sharing the birthday

Same year born? possible I say
Same month born? possible I say
Same date of birth? very much possible I say
But the husband and the wife sharing the same date of birth? you see it in this blog..
Thats right, TH and I share the same birthday/date.That leaves me with only two special occasions in a year..one being the wedding day which happened to be same for both of us..and the birthday..sigh!
I cant even hog the limelight for one day:(
Happy bday sweetheart and happy bday to me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The one man army at home

Pa is one person whose life has been nothing but sacrifices.May be he was even forced to ..because we were 3 women against him.And sometimes with my grandmother at home, it was a clear 4:1.He was the only man and had no choice.Everysingle day, he would have to listen to conversation about clothes, beauty accessories, clothes, shoes, handbags, sarees, salwars, did I say clothes?,pakkathu aathu mami, or ethir veetu mami (talks about neighbour aunties).Poor pa.He would just nod his head and or utter a mere uummm to whatever we say beacause men are like that.I dont know if he really understood our conversation.All cupboard stuffed with girl clothes and girl stuff ,shirt hanger used to hang handbags,office table spread with teddy bears instead of the paper work.All the papers he keeps for rough accounts use, being actually used for drawing rangoli.Even the cupboard in the bathroom stuffed with face packs, moisturiser lotions We then moved home and things started changing slowly.I had a room on my own, my sister "B" was married then.Grandmother had a seperate shelf for her things and ofcourse Pa had a whole room and the whole house for his stuff.But, we still subject him to conversation on clothes, shoes, handbags, clothes, pink, cindrella, snow white etc, with the only difference in the number being 5:1.yep, thats my little niece 5yo joining the bandwagon- because women are like that.Happy Fathers day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There is no joy

like licking a cake batter bowl empty!

Do you agree?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So, what happens

when you get invited for a traditional baby shower and the shower is early in the morning on a weekday?

-you have to wake up unusually early,
-bathe unusually early, cook a 2 course meal for TH and pack,
-get ready yourself-which means, dust the wedding sarees and juggle between the red/ blue/ green sarees
-decide on the green one with maroon border
-pick up matching accessories
-try draping the saree-ya afterall, saree has seen some light out of the suitcase only 3-4 times in a year
-struggle with the pallu
-get TH to help you pin the saree and adjust the fleets
-brush the hair, a make up here and there
-grab a bite of the breakfast
-and finally sit in the car
-all within a deadline of 45 minutes to go
-get TH drop me at the venue of the baby shower
-hurry through the stairs to be on time
-knock on the door and wait for the door to be opened
-when a sudden realisation dawns that
I have indeed draped the saree "ulta pulta"-the inner on the outer and vice versa.