Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sharing the birthday

Same year born? possible I say
Same month born? possible I say
Same date of birth? very much possible I say
But the husband and the wife sharing the same date of birth? you see it in this blog..
Thats right, TH and I share the same birthday/date.That leaves me with only two special occasions in a being the wedding day which happened to be same for both of us..and the birthday..sigh!
I cant even hog the limelight for one day:(
Happy bday sweetheart and happy bday to me.


Rohan Chawla said...

Happy birthday to everyone!! :D :D

ss said...

LOL at ur comment

clueless said...

Happy bday to the loveliest couple. God bless!

aZoed said...

Belated Happy birthday people...
twin couples... maybe. lol
but you do save a lot... right?

ss said...

thank u soo much

thans zoed, wat saving? It wud have been nice if our bdays were on diff days..we wud have on emore dya to celebrate.

aZoed said...

if that's such an issue... let me know again - I'll mail you a list of important days to celebrate and send in interesting gifts as well. I'd be more than just happy to have my birthday celebrated (inter)nationally :P

pooja said...

Belated bday wishes ( just for the blog)As I wrote to you in that mail, its such an amazing thing that you and your TH share the big day.God bless!

ss said...

i like the gifts part..LOL! who wudnt love gifts? am game

thanks ur email.

Sanjay said...

A very belated bday wish to both of u..Been down with flu and all .Hope you guys had a great day

ss said...

nah, never too late thanks for the wishes.