Sunday, June 21, 2009

The one man army at home

Pa is one person whose life has been nothing but sacrifices.May be he was even forced to ..because we were 3 women against him.And sometimes with my grandmother at home, it was a clear 4:1.He was the only man and had no choice.Everysingle day, he would have to listen to conversation about clothes, beauty accessories, clothes, shoes, handbags, sarees, salwars, did I say clothes?,pakkathu aathu mami, or ethir veetu mami (talks about neighbour aunties).Poor pa.He would just nod his head and or utter a mere uummm to whatever we say beacause men are like that.I dont know if he really understood our conversation.All cupboard stuffed with girl clothes and girl stuff ,shirt hanger used to hang handbags,office table spread with teddy bears instead of the paper work.All the papers he keeps for rough accounts use, being actually used for drawing rangoli.Even the cupboard in the bathroom stuffed with face packs, moisturiser lotions We then moved home and things started changing slowly.I had a room on my own, my sister "B" was married then.Grandmother had a seperate shelf for her things and ofcourse Pa had a whole room and the whole house for his stuff.But, we still subject him to conversation on clothes, shoes, handbags, clothes, pink, cindrella, snow white etc, with the only difference in the number being 5:1.yep, thats my little niece 5yo joining the bandwagon- because women are like that.Happy Fathers day!


Rohan Chawla said...

Really really really sweet.
Coz Dads are like that.
Happy Fathers Day to all Papas! :)

pooja said...

Aww, such a funny, yet sweet post for Father's day.Its absolutely your style post.

ss said...

oh ya, absolute sweethearts

Humbly bows to Pooja

clueless said...

You know what? You rock!Poor dad has to fight 5 girls!He sure is a one man army.LOL!

Sanjay said...

What a wonderful narration!I always fight with my sis when she dumps her teddy bears in my study room.Your post got back some good old memories

ss said...

thank u so much..and dads rock too

acho..comeon, poor sis..