Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A walk (IHS series)

SHE:Its so nice to take a walk during summer.The weather is nice, its not yet dark..

HE: Ya,you have been wanting to go for a like this.Just your kind of walk!

SHE: Ya,its not just for the walk,we could also talk a lot while walking.

HE: Hmm,we can walk, you can talk to me, while I check mails in my blackberry.

SHE: I know you would cling to your phone for dear life, thats why, I took away the phone from your pocket and left it at home.So, now you can talk too.

HE: %%$$##@@????


clueless said...

Haha!HE SHE is back after a while.Nice one

Albert Einstein said...

Wow........What a post!!!!

Super. Kalakkal. Did HE feel as if his extended 6th fingure is missing. Did HE SPEAK :-)

Sanjay said...

OMG! These girls I say.

ss said...


haha..comment super

rolls eyes at sanjay

pooja said...

Ouch Poor HE.It happens here always.

aZoed said...

I'm beginning to feel more and more sympathetic for him... but I hate Blackberrys so 'd rathe rbe just about neutral... :)

ss said...

comeon, dont reveal such things in a public forum like this..ok?

oh oh!take heart, be happy, these are just the imaginary series.