Wednesday, July 8, 2009


aweomse weather- not too hot, not too cold
pleasant mid morning
ample time with not much household chores
a sudden thought and I decide to go biking
change to cycling pants, helmet
happily pedal my way
when the wheels stop functioning after a few minutes in the middle of the road.
I try, and try and try to make it work , but in vain.
I call TH and bawl right while standing on the road saying " just one day, I decide to take the cycle and this has to happen to me..I cant even enjoy a simple cycle ride, I am so unlucky"
TH on the phone, "its ok, we can check it in the evening and you can ride tomorrow".
I was in no mood to heed to the consoling and cry even more.
I calm down after 20 minutes.Walk back home while pushing the cycle along with me.
Sigh! Honey, what would I do without you?It does feel nice that you are there to comfort me even if it means skipping your lunch for resuming work on time.


pooja said...

Awww so cute so cute. You are so lucky

clueless said...

Jai ho to the husbands!You cry?

ss said...

i am

r u so smitten by slumdog millionaire?