Friday, March 14, 2008

The good & the bad

of coming to U.S.A.

Being at a new place, a new country -check
Visit places -check
Eat fried icecream -check
Watch snow fall -check
Dirt free ( read carpetted) floors -check
Dry bathrooms -check
Luxury of heating the frozen food -check
Torture the husband by exploring new recipes -check

Hair loss, and take a bald avatar - check
Having all the time to kill and get addicted to playing games - check
Cook and eat self cooked food - check
Just two souls at home - check
He sleeping away to glory on dot 10 , while She still struggles to catch some sleep - check
No paalkaran, keeraikaari coming to your doorstep - check

C'est la vie!!!


pooja said...

Wow!another post and so soon?I am sure the snow period must be wonderful. And LOL at "no keeraikkari "thingie. Seriously!Have a pleasant stay at Uncle Sam's

ss said...

ya, the snow was indeed wonderful..i wish i cud see more of it.

a said...

Hey this just reflects my day to day activities... Awesome!!!

ss said...

even torturing hubby dear? welcome aboard then!

clueless said...

Super po.oor oora poi nee post eluthanumnu en valthukkal.Yean ma ippdi keeraikkari ellarayum miss panrey?

Albert Einstein said...

Indha madhiri our America blog edirpathen. But no mention about Traffic :-) :-) :-)....

Excellent one as usual :)

siddhart said...

WOW.. bald avatar..!! great going.. sema improvement pola.. and also veedu neat ah adagu kada maadhiri irukkunnu sollu.. don worry.. U can make it look like "typical house"..!!! with ur skills..!! ;)

ss said...

dont u think ppl like paalkaran, keeraikkari form a part of ur day back in chennai?

traffic ya..its obviously well regulated here..


i shud b goin bald pretty soon..wat with the rate ofhair falling? i think i will overtake sid.


I think hair loss is universal, wherever u go it follows!!!!!!!!!!

hair irukkum podhe , vidha vidhamana styles,colors try panni enjoy

ss said...

the loss rate is at its peak after I came here. hmmphh..theriyala.trying diff styles/ coloring? me? oh never!

Vims said...

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