Friday, March 28, 2008


Some imaginary he- she series.

She: Hey, I met my friend 'P' today.

He: Enna sollra unnoda friend?

She: She says her husband cooks really well.

He: Oh, nallathu.

She: Enna nallathu? Naanum athirshtasali thaannu ava kitta prove panna vendaama, athaan, I have invited them for dinner tomorrow.Nee nalaikku officela irunthu seekiram vanthu samachu vechudu.

He: ???##$$$$$!!#@##


Sanjay said...

Wah re Wah! So are we in for some he she series? Ofcos the imaginary ones? Great !My full support . Rock on

Albert Einstein said...

Itha padikkum pothu etho imaginary madhiri thonala. Nejamave imaginary thana?????? Excellent!!!

ss said...

well am just trying my hands on it. lets c.

yes this is truly fictional. this does not happen in shubsid kingdom.

clueless said...

Read in Vadivelus tone:
Maapu vechuttada aapu".Nalla vela,ithu real life he illanu sollitta.Jillunu oru he she series! Way to go.

pooja said...

Lol!!There you go, ultimate one again!Suerpb!

ss said...

hopefully i sustain the series. lets c. and the vadivelu style comment is funny.