Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Meet her....

A wonderful wife

A perfect home maker

A loving mom

An ever giving & selfless grandmom


and not satisfied with just these, she is

Learning to use internet and send mails

Attends cooking classes to further explore the new recipes


English class to widen her knowledge


and as if all these aren't enough, she plans to

Join swimming

Start a fastfood/healthy food eatout.

Heres to my young Mother in Law.


Sriram said...

Aagaaa vachuttiyaa maamiyaarukku ICE..
Sharp ma neeyi.. Siddharth ushaaraa irunga Saar..
Subha, u really make blogging super exciting to read.. really nice.. well portrayed..

Albert Einstein said...

Excellent blog :-)

Yeah. Whenever I have met her, she is always very enthusiastic.

ss said...

ice ellam illa. nijamma thaan sollren. I have always been in awe looking at her. she is terribly active.

thank u. she is very active, always on toes.wish i cud b liken her. sigh!

pooja said...

Awww, that was a cute post. Your MIL sounds so perfect.She must be a helluva woman eh? Btw, is she really young?

ss said...

she is indeed an all rounder.she is very very active and never lazy...and ultimately, she has put me to shame..cos am big time lazy.she is young..she isnt even 50!

pooja said...

Aww, she is really young I tell ya.I am sure it would feel great to have a young MIL right?

ss said...

ya, it does feel good.touchwood, we get along pretty well.

clueless said...

Ahaa, ice veikkarathukku oru alavu illaya? But you have inspired me to do something.

a said...

Hahaha... Romba theliva iruka... But sounds really exciting... Am sure she must be really young... Not sure if we cud be like them at their age!!!

ss said...

ya she is indeed young..less than 50 years.I am not even half active like her now..leave alone the time wen i am 50 years! sigh!!

siddhart said...

manivi mattum illa mamiyar amaivadhum iraivan kodutha varam mole..!!! anyways congrats that u've got a modern mamiyar..!! ;)

ss said...

ya seriously and i feel lucky.unakkum athey mathiri amaya vendikkaren