Thursday, February 28, 2008

Enna Samayalo

HE & SHE are newly married and SHE knowing that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach and with a wish to impress HE, tries her hand at cullinary skills.HE as the good responsible husband, stocks some frozen food so that SHE need not strain all the time.

On one such day.......

HE:Enna samayal da innikku?
SHE:Innum yosikkala..what do you want?
HE:Dont strain and spend a lot of time in the kitchen,we will adjust with some frozen food.
SHE was in the mood for a South Indian meal
SHE:Frozen food ellam udambukku nallathu illa. I will cook now.Dont you want to eat vengaya sambar, thakkali rasam,potato kaara curry?
HE:Nalla thaan da irukku, nee kashta padanumeynnu sonnen.
SHE:What?I have already soaked the tamarind and cooked the dhaal.We will have the South Indian food today.

On another such day.......
HE: Innikku keerai masiyal and vazhaikkai.......
SHE says " heat the frozen rava dosai" even before HE finished talking.


clueless said...

Excellent!ROFL.Poor HE ma, you should atleast him say what he has in mind.Engala mathiri pasanga paadu thindattam thaan.Super post.

pooja said...

Wot a post oh boy!I fell from my chair for a moment.Poor HE.I luuurrved the ending. Btw, You got me all hungry with the menu.

ss said...

the ending was a little imaginative, as usual for blogging reasons. u think i dont give he a chance to speak even?this is one such rare occasion

thank u

Sanjay said...

What a delightful blog!Good one


ss said...

first time here? thanks

siddhart said...

Aiyo paavam avaru... U can listen to vat he says atleast.. anyways po... anga ore comedy panrae..!!! Enjoy..

Sriram said...

Haha super post..
chancae illa, unga rendu paer conversation ai live ah paattha effect ma.. You are too good..
Paavam Siddharth yeppo yedhai yedhirpaakakradhunu research dhaan pannanum nu ninaikkaraen..

ss said...

u see, i want to to keep sid on toes always thinking and wondering wat i wud say/ just kidding!

a said...

Hahaha... God one di... Nice post... Women are unpredictable nu solluvaanga... Ippo dhaan puriyardhu yen nu... ;)

ss said...

@ A
not just unpredictable..but always keepin the other adult( husband) on toes guessing things