Saturday, February 16, 2008

For my Valentine

No drums and drolls when he was born
When I was born, he was 5 years old.
Both of us went schooling in the same city unaware of each other's existence.
When I went to school, he went to college.
I was still in school when he started work.
And in 2002,we chatted once.It continued for a good 5 years.
Finally in 2008, our lives converged to the same point.

I know flowers, red roses, chocolates are all lovely.But,nothing like it when the indolent man sets up the bed every night, or warms up some milk for me,gets wild if I fall ill, happily cleans the house or washes some vessels, gives me a soothing massage when I have a headache....this is a much deeper love and affection than a mere box of chocolates or a boquet of flowers.

And to the tall, sensible, cool,calm,handsome man I am married to...
I did not know that destiny would bring a Smylemaker to me
and that everyday in my life would be a jubilee
The love that you so freely give
is something that makes me live
I cherish every moment with you
and look forward to each day expecting something new
My darling honey baby, even when we are old and our hair grey
my love for you will stay.



pooja said...

Awesome awesome post.Every valentine day is special and I am sure this year must have been a little more special.Needless to say this is such a sweet, cute, cuddly, romantic post.

pooja said...

Just noticed that even the last post was a romantic. R factor heavily loaded eh?

ss said...

thank u so much and it just happened that 2 romantic posts continuously..

Anonymous said...

I think I know you

clueless said...

Sorry to join in late here. Missed your blogging for a while. Will get back to action soon.

ss said...

i was wondering abt ur absence. where did u disappear? and sure, take ur time to read the posts.

clueless said...

Wish you and SID a very happy married life. I am sure life rocks for you. You got what you wanted.Great valentines post ezhuthitte nee. Orey lovesu.

Anonymous said...

After marriage blog bayangara romantic ah irukku. Ok Ok. I am expecting a blog about America soonnnnnnnnn.

ss said...

thanks a ton. ya am carried away with all the love being showered on me, hence the reflection on the posts too.

etho 2 post thaan romantica irukku. abt america? hmm..will need to think, havent got the time to rite something. will do it soon.

MMC said...

gr8 to c u back in blogosphere.......and, gr8 post too....

ss said...

thank u so much. its gud to c u back too.

Praveen Daniel said...

Oye Mrs.Subha...Nice to hear that ur Marriage Life Rocks..So enjoying Day today life happily rite...Enjoy n have fun now and always!!! Cheers

siddhart said...

Ore romance a irukku..!!! paathu... he is giving u a massage for headache.. nee kaal pidikaren nu kaala vaari vidapora..!! Ill keep him warned priorly...!!

Sriram said...

Amazing post subha..
I esp. loved the last line.. hair grey aanaa ungaloda indha unconditional love valarndhundae irukka yenadhu vaazhthukkal..
Really glad to get to know your excitement..
Mannichuko for the delayed comment..

ss said...

yes, am njoing thoroughly.thanks 4 ur wishes.

pathioda kaala vaaruveno?

thank u so much. its fine abt the delayed comment, just that am always curious to knw wat u hav to say