Friday, February 8, 2008

Was it just yesterday??

Was it just yesterday I bumped into Rediff chatroom?

Was it just yesterday we chatted just to know that we share the same birthdate?

Was it just yesterday we exchanged mails and chatted occasionally?

Was it just yesterday you proposed and I accepted that?

Was it just yesterday we started off the relationship , though it is a good 5 1/2 years?

Was it just yesterday that I was nervous about our parents meeting up for the first time?

Was it just yesterday our parents met to talk about getting us married?

Was it just yesterday we got engaged?

Was it just yesterday that I cribbed there is a whole 1 year gap between the engagement and the marriage?

Was it just yesterday I stood in the bedroom balcony with the bridal mehendi in my hands and still thinking if we are really married?

6 odd years of knowing you, but everyday is new for me, for us.



Back with a Bang!!!!!!!!!!!

pooja said...

Ahaan, so you are back!Congratulations and wish you and HE a very happy married life.Such a romantic post.

siddhart said...

hey dat was too good... ore feelings po..!! Expecting ur US experience soon..!!

ss said...

oh ya

thanks for ur wishes.

thank u.US experience innum perusa onnum illa. will take some time I guess.

Sriram said...

Subha awesome ma.
Jus saw it.. Thought of commenting it later.. neeyum correct ah scrap pannitta..
cha yenan oru nostalgia.. amazing ma nee... kalyaanathukku apparum un yuezhutthu yepdi irukkuimnu was waiting to see.. but i must say 1+ 1 has become 11..

hats off and wish u both all the best

ss said...

thank u so much.ya i was in tears myself wen i rote this post. cudnt believe its all true.

Praveen Daniel said...

haha..Anyway.6 yrs of waiting was worth it rite..Hmm...1 Yr waiting after Engagement would have been a bit tough for anyone..Fine..Now its time to enjoy...Happpy n precious moments u can think upon n enjoy...Cool!!!

a said...

Un life a simple uh sollitta po... Good one da... After 3 yrs of marriage I still keep wondering if it was jus yesterday we got married... G(ood)olden days!!!

ss said...

@ A
I swear