Friday, June 6, 2008

Random notes from the household

*We got our car this week.Mighty excited about it.

*Playing poker like mad.Poker with money and loosing big time as well.

*Been eating out atleast twice every week. Cooking has takena back seat.

*Resumed gymming this week.Dreaming of weight loss and wishfully thinking I really do loose.

* Parents visitng us in 10 days.Good food, fun, visiting places, going to my sisters place...what more to ask for?

*Thinking of joining for some cake baking class

Life is beautiful I say!


pooja said...

Congrats on the car.This post is way different from your other ones, but ya its good too cos we get to know whats happening at your place. Parents visitng? wow..some good times ahead hmm?Talk about gymming, I have given up hon.You go girl.

pooja said...

And yes, once you start baking cakes and stuff, upload some pics of them

clueless said...

puthu car puthu veedu kalakkara chandru

Sanjay said...

I am sure some good times are ahead for you. Have fun.

ss said...