Wednesday, July 30, 2008


IHS series

:I am going on a 2 day trip to Bombay to attend a seminar.

SHE: Oh, how can I stay all alone?I would be so bored.

HE: Why don't you ask your friend "K" to come and stay with you in our home when I am away? That ways, you won't be bored too.

SHE: Ok, ok, that sounds good. I shall call her.

He comes back from tour and sees She has survived 2 days without He.She tells he about how "K"s presence helped her survive the days without He.

After 3 months,

SHE: How will you manage a week without me when I go for the training next week?

HE: You remember, "K" was so friendly and gave you good company in my absence. So can we ask "K" to come and stay when you are gone for the training?

SHE: %&#*$$$$**&^%^


Sanjay said...

Hahaha.Awesome.This time SHE is lost huh?

Sanjay said...

Oh btw, I love this IHS series

pooja said...

LOL.Talk about rules changing huh?

ss said...

its SHE's turn to be taken aback now...


clueless said...

Appdi podu rasa.HE valga.

ss said...

go on ..laugh ..

satish said...

rofl that was hilarious..gud one Subha

ss said...


Rohan Chawla said... it..!!

suggestion: you should write a comic strip..!!..."He and She"....!

ss said...

I am not that good ...this blog is just for timepass.