Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too early

My little 4 year old niece (4yn) is here for her vaccation.She has been entertaining all of us with whatever she says / does. One such conversation.....

4yn looking at my chain: Chithi, is this chain yours?

Me: Yes baby

4yn: My mommy has one.

Me: Ya, you are right.

4yn: My paati has one.

Me: Ya.

4yn: I want one too.

I was quite under a shock because the chain is the "mangalsutra".Just wondering...why do you want to fall into the pit so early baby?


satish said...

lol Subha its jus been 6 months and here u are thinking abt y the kid wants to fall into the pit so early..hehe dont tell me u are in the pit..i thot u are on cloud nine :D

ss said...

oh ya am on top of the world.this "pit" thing was just for blogging purposes.she is just 4 yr old, and i am like y so early?

but isint it that there r lows at times too? hence the pit thing applies too.

Sanjay said...

Lol is all I can come up with.

pooja said...

OMG.that was a witty and a nutty conversation. your 4 year old niece sounds a lot chutti.

clueless said...

Appdi podu.That was quite a conversation.My sister's son asked why he is not having a baby inside his tummy.

ss said...

go ahead and lol

ya she is. she is driving us nuts here.

OMG.these kids i say

Albert Einstein said...

Super blog. Ippovellam kuzhandhainga pesarthu antha kalathu PATTI madhirithan.

ss said...

they surprise or shud i say shock us often? btw, where were u? missed u.

The Girl-Next-Door-Software-Engineer said...

too good!! visited ur blog after a long long time and i loved all the posts that have come up! :) :)