Thursday, August 7, 2008

Earning a good name

from your in-laws is very easy- says TH

Offer to cook for everyone at home on a Sunday, when everyone likes to laze around.
Hang a DO NOT ENTER board infront of the kitchen
Do all the work from cutting veggies to boiling rice
Make some delicious sambar & spicy raw banana fry
Set up the table

Have the in-laws going oohh and aahh over the meal.
Have your wife envy you for all the complements that you receive from the in-laws.


pooja said...

Aww so cute. The man doesnt even move his butt, leave alone cook for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Would you do the same to your in laws too?

ss said...

oh poor you..

Let me ask you, would you do the same to your ILs?

Albert Einstein said...

Super. Thane samaithu nalla peru edutha engal thanaya thalaivan VAZHGA VAZHGA.

ss said...

nijammavey super. the sambar was yummy and so was the vazhaikkai curry. enga veetla ellarumey asanthuttanga.

Sanjay said...

I appreciate us menfolk cooking for others. Its fun too.Sometimes it reminds me of the good ol' bachelor days

satish said...

all those years of cooking alone finally comes to i think me going thro the cooking alone part rite now is not bad after all :D

ss said...


u r rite. its defntly worth it.